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Here’s MTV’s clip from Transformers The Last Knight featuring Hot Rod and the WW1 tank named Bulldog and yikes I thought Jetfire had it bad with his parts coming off since Bulldog has him beat in that regard so far..Also Hot Rod’s voice I’ve expected to sound younger but all the same it isn’t bad. Reminds me of Luminare’s voice from Beauty and the Beast but more scratchy and high pitched. 

Patriots Day (2016)

In 2013 two terrorists perpetrated a bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, annually held on Patriots’ Day, the third Monday of April. The events and the aftermath of the are told in the film through the eyes of a fictional police sergeant, Tommy Saunders (Mark Wahlberg), as he experiences the bombings, interacts with the non-fictional victims, Boston Police officials and the investigative FBI team as well as chase down the terrorists.

The film starts by showing us random people doing happily ordinary things like showing off a new car, coming home from a long day at work or for having a quickie before getting out of bed in the morning. We assume that these people’s lives will be changed by the bombings and they are but not as directly as you would have imagined. Some of these opening characters continue to be shown to us sporadically throughout the film but do have their arc tie into the main story along the way. These Bostonians are the critical aspect of turning faceless victims and emergency workers that we regularly see in disaster & action films into real people as the film allows time for the audience to bond with them through their daily happenings before the tragedy occurs. It allows the film to have real life value and powerfully gut wrenching consequences.

You may have noticed the lack of an apostrophe in the title, “Patriots Day”. This could be easily overlooked but reinforces the intention that the film is for and dedicated to the victims, the emergency response teams and to the people of Boston who banded together to support each other in a dire time rather than a focus on the horrific events that happened on that particular day. #Bostonstrong

Creating a fictional character to guide the story and sequence of events is clever. It gives one main person for the audience to engage with rather than piece together the story from several different perspectives as no one person experienced the entire sequence of events. It was a city-sized team effort that led to the capture of the terrorists.

Patriots Day deliberately chooses not to be an anti-Muslim film. The terrorists are presented as individual extremists who happen to be Muslim as opposed to branding all Muslims as extremists. This is refreshing to see and a good reminder not to discriminate a large group of people based on the actions of a minority.

All the performances are what we would expect from an A-list cast. Mark Wahlberg supports his home town and embellishes the Boston inflections in his speech. J. K. Simmons’ cigar-smoking Police Sergeant Jeffrey Pugliese is a times laughable, especially as he casually strides towards a gunfight. John Goodman and Kevin Bacon are great in everything and always exciting to watch.

To top it all off, Director Peter Berg has amalgamated real footage from the events into his film. The images are still fresh in our minds from four years ago, which seeing again in this form adds to the rawness of the event and keeps the film from seeming like a ‘Hollywood’ version of the events, given Wahlberg’s character is fiction.

There is a lot of heart in this film, a lot of tears and pain, and some truly touching moments. The sentiment that shines through is the comradery that people can build with the strength of spirit to stand together after an immense fall. ★★★★


P.s. Query: Why, when Police get information about a crime via their police radio, are they always driving the wrong way and must perform an extreme hand-brake turn to head towards the crime? Are they never heading in the same direction just by coincidence?