If You Can Dream It, You Must Do It | Mark Titchner | 2011

I’ve reached thirty thousand followers! I just thought I’d take the time to thank you all for every like and re-blog you make. Although it may seem nothing to you, it means everything to me. It gives me the guidance I need to improve my curation. For me, rustybreak has been a place for me to show what I can do, what I want and who I am. It has been my CV in many ways.

It’s my dream to take rustybreak from the web and into the gallery space. There you’ll see a similar set up, works selected on their colour similarities. I hope you’d all visit, yes? Hopefully it’d be a future Guggenheim with galleries across the world. Perhaps that bit is a little unreasonable but hey, as Titchner says “If you can dream it, you must do it.”

Thank you once again,

Jemma Craig

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