In which Hank Green, Grace Helbig, Phil DeFranco, Jack Douglass, Tay Zonday and I massage Mark Malkoff at VidCon. 


The Premiere of Mark Malkoff’s “Celebrity Sleepovers”

Special appearances by Justine Bateman, iJustine, Dave Coulier, Steven Weber, Ed Begley, Jr., Paul Feig, Phil Rosenthal, Kate Walsh, Lisa Loeb, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kato Kaelin, Camryn Manheim and Camryn Manheim’s Emmy.

Chesca and the 28 day challenge - week 2 (via Chescavlogs)

Why look! If it isn’t a photo of my exposed midsection for all the internet to see! Hurray. I’ll admit, I’m cringing as I post this, but I’m slowly getting over it. I’m telling myself this will have been worth the embarrassment, once I have a 6 pack. So in an effort to achieve the 3 A’s (arms, abs and ass) I’m embarking on the 28 day challenge with personal trainer Robert Brace. I’m working with Robert in person, but he’s also developed a dvd version of the plan and last year trained comedian Mark Malkoff for My Damn Channel’s “six pack abs challenge”. Not to be outdone by Mark, I’m posting weekly videos about the challenge over on Chescavlogs. I’m only 2 weeks in and can already see a pretty significant change in my body, but it hasn’t come easily. I’m working my ass off. Literally.

Besides working out 6 days a week, the biggest challenge thus far has been sticking with my new super clean diet. But as they say, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” So I’m doing my best to hang in there and resist the urge to drink or eat doughnuts. Believe me, it’s hard, but so far, completely worth it.

For more on the challenge, and what I’m doing each week, check out my new 28 day challenge video blog series over on Chescavlogs

Full Disclosure: I am not being paid to endorse the 28 day challenge or Robert Brace. I received complimentary training in exchange for developing/participating in the 28 day challenge’s new social media campaign.


Rachel Dratch resumes her Debbie Downer character.


Mark Malkoff: Carried Like A Baby (by MyDamnChannel)

My good colleague Mark Malkoff got Grizz Chapman to carry him around midtown Manhattan in a Baby Bjorn. I have no idea how.


Mark Malkoff Skypes someone in each of 162 countries.


What Can You Get Away With at an Apple Store?

Sure, the Apple Store looks like a zen-futurist’s ideal: clean, bright, orderly. But did you know beneath that icy veneer you can actually get away with pretty much anything? It’s true! And Mark Malkoff decided to prove it.

Malkoff’s goal: to see exactly how far Apple Store employees would let him go. We’re not just talking silly dance videos or—shudderplanking. We’re talking pizza delivery, goat-herding; pretty much anything short of actual fornication (which, in fairness, wasn’t attempted here so… maybe?). All kosher.

So, what have we learned? Feel free to treat the Apple Store like your home, especially if you walk around your home in a Darth Vader outfit.