CONFESSION TIME... I guess ;-;

Total random-crap post, I suppose this is sort of a confession….. I have no idea why but I’m weirdly and strangely attracted to Crowley xD and I would appreciate you guys telling me I’m not the only one even if it’s a dirty lie ;-; xD thank you

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Learning how to speak like Dean Winchester.
  • Hello :Son of a bitch
  • You are amazing :Son of a bitch
  • Good morning :Son of a bitch
  • I'm hungry :Son of a bitch
  • Let's go out tonight :Son of a bitch
  • How are you today? :Son of a bitch?
  • Aaaand...
  • Son of a bitch :Son of a bitch.
  • Congratulations! You've learned how to speak like Dean Winchester.
  • Dean :Shut your face!
For all who are fans of Mark Sheppard - really important

Aight so hi.
I would say the majority of people who are fans of Mr Sheppard know him greatly from Supernatural. Supernatural is a great source of Mark (Crowley). There are so many sources where people can download the episodes from it’s great. That means plenty of photos and gifs for Crowley


When you start searching for other things that Mark has been in, it becomes quite a challenge. Many streaming websites hold episodes and movies which Mark has been in, but the majority are poor quality. And anyway, I’m talking about downloading so that people can make gifs, edits, screencaps and other cool stuff. I think Mark’s an underrated actor, and it doesn’t help when trying to get him more well known, when tv episodes and movies he’s been in are near to impossible to get a hold of these days. 

I’ve been hunting for links all day. On Mark’s IMBD there is quite a number of films/shows he’s been in. I knew that I wouldn’t find a lot of them in one day, so I made a shortened list with the aim to download most of them in one day. I managed to find 3/13, with one being poor quality and another having only one single seed (thus taking me all day to download). 

(if this starts to bore you skip ahead to “ANYWAY”) 

This hasn’t been the first time my hunt has gone bad. When searching for the 3 episodes Mark was in for Medium, I managed to find 2 after ages of searching (about a week) and both are medium (*winks at my own pun*) quality but the 3rd one I was trying to find was absolutely no where to be found. Previous links with no seeds or peers or links that were simply just broken - all links were duds, and trust me, I spent weeks searching for this episode. I didn’t find it. This happened again when trying to find a download for the episode Mark was in for x files. I found one after ages of searching by downloading it through peers, meaning I could only get certain parts of the episode, while other parts were corrupt (luckily, I got pretty much every scene he was in).

ANYWAY, the point is
I’ve seen some accounts here and there that have gifsets of certain movies and episodes Mark has been in, so I know there have been people who have done the hard work and found some episodes/movies with Mark. And what’s more, they’re good quality as well. What I’m suggesting, is that we band together as fans of Mark and create a google drive group or something (I’ve never done anything like this before but I’ve seen it done). Everyone who’s got eps and movies (like myself) can put them up in there. It can be a continuous progression thing, with more stuff as time passes. Then, more people can watch Mark Sheppard’s stuff and people can make gifs, edits or whatever. And as much as I love Crowley, there will be no Crowley there. I figure, Crowley content is easy to find (if you want to know where, ask and I’ll tell) and this thing should be focused on everything else Mark y’know? Stuff that’s hard to find.

So, some of you may be thinking “Well, this sounds great but I don’t have any media of Mark Sheppard. I can’t really contribute anything.” And to which my answer is “OF COURSE YOU CAN :)))))” 

By reblogging this and making sure people know about this, you’ll ensure that there is content! The more people know, the more people will upload content!

So please! Please reblog this! We can get this off the ground! 

Message me if you have any questions :)


1. Message me if you have content.

2. Message me if you’re up to join this thing. (because then I will know to actually make it)

please please pleaseee spread this like crazy


Hi! I’m Léa and I’m not in the fandom any more so I’m clearing out some old stuff. Plus it’s more expensive than you think living away from your parents and I could use the cash. These deserve to be loved.

1. Great condition 2014 GISHWHES flag signed by Misha Collins and Jean Louis
2. Unopened bottle of Serpessence, signed by Misha Collins
3. Unopened Crowley pop vinyl, signed by Mark Sheppard (at Asylum 14)
4. Unopened limited edition metallic & blood-splattered Sam pop vinyl
5. Unopened limited  edition metallic & blood-splattered Dean pop vinyl

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