Stalker Pt. 5

All of the parts are short and end on cliffhangers so don’t kill me.

Warnings: A little violence, swearing

“Jackson, are you sure it’s him?”  Jae questioned.

“Of course it is!  There’s no way I would ever forget his face after everything.  He’s the piece of shit that did this.”  Jackson said angrily, with the suspect’s collar still in his grip.  

“Then don’t you think we need to leave him alive to figure out where she is?  And besides, this is not the place to beat the fuck out of someone.  Jesus fuck Jackson, our best friend is on the verge of death seven feet away from you.  I understand your rage, trust me, I really do, but we need to stay calm and collected, for Mark’s sake.  Let’s just contact authorites and they’ll interrogate him.”

Jackson let go of the man’s collar and forced him to roughly fall back onto the floor in a pool of his own blood that sourced from the numerous amount of punches to his nose and head.  He stared at JB for a moment and then walked over to the door of the private room.  Stopping just before it, he looked at JB once more, then locking the door.  

“Jackson, what are you-”

“What the fuck is your name, kid?”  Jackson asked.

“Stop….I didn’t do what you think I did….”

“I said…what the FUCK is your name?!?”  Jackson yelled.

JB stood next to Mark’s motionless body in silence, looking back and forth at Jackson and the bloodied man on the ground, watching to see what events were going unravel.

The man smirked.  "Call me Lionheart.“

"Ah, okay.  We have a smartass here I guess.”  Jackson started to move towards the man who claimed to be named Lionheart.

“Nah man.  I’m done playing games.”  The man stood up, brushing himself off and fixing his shirt collar.  "I’m leaving.“  He turned around and unlocked the door.

"Like hell you are!”  Jackson tightly grabbed Lionheart’s shoulder in order to stop him from exiting the room.

“Watch yourself, kid.”  

Lionheart’s eyes motioned downwards towards the hand that was near his pocket.  Jackson briefly looked at what he was motioning to, having to do a double take.  JB watched in astonishment as Jackson immediately released his shoulder, allowing him to leave.

“Why the hell did you just let him go?!?”  JB practically yelled.

After a few seconds of silence, Jackson turned to JB with wide eyes.

“He had a fucking gun.”

“Are you serious?”  

“I’m not blind, thank you very much.”  Jackson snapped.

Just as JB was going to begin an argument, his train of thought was interrupted by the sound of groaning.  The two boys now focused their attention onto their injured best friend.

JB stayed still, as he was already close to Mark’s bedside.  Jackson joined JB’s position and stood close to him.  He became frustrated when he heard no more audible sounds coming from that direction, thinking it was just a fluke.

“Really, Mark?  You gotta give us more than that man.”  Jackson pleaded.

He leaned closer to Mark’s face and placed his ear a few inches away from his mouth.  Listening for several minutes, Jackson was on edge, praying that his best friend would just sit up and start speaking as if nothing ever happened.  

After a while of waiting, the two boys became devastated when Mark revealed nothing but silence.

“Too good to be true.”  Jackson scoffed and made his way to the door, hoping to grab some cheap coffee in the lobby to calm him down.

“Hey….where are you going man?”

“I’m going to the cafe.  I’ll be right back.”

“Jackson….”  JB said.


“I’m not the one who asked you that.”

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