GOT7 in 7 Words

Jaebum: Being a father of 6 is exhausting

Mark: Leave me alone I’m quiet on purpose

Jackson: Honestly I don’t have an off-switch sorry

Jinyoung: ‘Exude a superior aura’ is my motto

Youngjae: My laughter is heard before I’m seen

Bambam: Your boyfriend is in love with me

Yugyeom: 5sec away from getting my ass whooped

FINALLY I’m done with them  \(g . g)/  I’ve started this in september but I had to pause it all the time because of school, and Brigantin, and Gobzine, and stuff….I’m so glad I can show it to you, it’s been so much fun to do, hope you’ll like it!

(+thanks @benjaminwarnitz *3*)