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GOT7 On Halloween

A.N. Finally done with my midterms which means I can procrastinate until my final papers are due!!! I’ll be posting more soon.


  • Regretting his decision on allowing the kids on going trick or treating
  • Low key is excited to get free candy though
  • Had his costume picked out by Youngjae but doesn’t want to tell Jinyoung that.
  • Has to yell at Bambam and Yugyeom too many times because they almost get run over three too many times
  • Has to holds Youngjae’s hand so he wont get lost from the group.
  • Wishes he put all the member on those leashes that parents use on their kids at Disney.


  • Has a family themed costume with Youngjae and CoCo
  • Which makes Jackson insanely mad
  • Is afraid to let CoCo walk so has to carry her everywhere
  • Has two trick or treat bags one for him and one for CoCo, which he’ll share with Youngjae *Que jackson screaming in the background*
  • Him and JB go first to a house if the others thinks its too scary
  • Threatens Forces everyone to take pictures with him and CoCo.


  • Ready for his cheat day from organic food
  • Feels guilty for not eating organic but it’s okay he’ll work out tomorrow 
  • “But why can’t people give out healthy snacks on Halloween too?”
  • “Jackson, its Halloween stop ruining this with your healthy shit.”
  • Gives Youngjae a death glare for stealing Mark away from him.
  • Screams whenever something random pops out or if he sees a clown.


  • Agrees with JB that they deserve a bottle or four of wine after they finish with this night
  • Has to deal with Yugyeom and Bambam all night and threatens them every 30 seconds
  • But protects them from the so called scary things
  • Will give his candy to the other members if they clean up their messy as fuck rooms and the living room.
  • Knows that Youngjae picked out JB’s costume, he’ll be using that against JB one day soon.
  • Takes a bunch of aesthetic pictures with the lights and decorations.


  • Precious ray of sunshine is super happy excited to have matching costumes with the love of his life CoCo and Mark.
  • Gets even more excited when he sees JB in the costume he picked out
  • Loves all the free candy he got and will share with Mark and JB.
  • Gets a sugar rush and gets sleepy midway through their night but fights through it
  • When he sees a dog on the road or something he instantly says “CoCo is cuter than that dog.” Mark agrees
  • Gets a heart attack when Bambam scares him


  • Convinces JB if they can go to a haunted house after trick or treating
  • Regrets everything the minute he walks in.
  • Trying his hardest not to cry practically has Yugyeom hold him the entire time.
  • Holds CoCo after the haunted house to calm down
  • But still acts like a tough kid and not show that nothing is bothering him
  • Still screams with Jackson when things pop up
  • Plans to get Jackson’s bag of candy by buying Jackson all his favorite organic tea.


  • Surprising acts normal which causes Jinyoung to go crazy.
  • Literally on his best behavior all night long
  • Does his happy dance when a house gives out full sized candy bars.
  • Low key knows Jinyoung is going insane because he’s acting good.
  • But set up a scary trick waiting for the members when they walk into the dorm. Bambam was in on it
  • Ask JB and Jinyoung nicely if they could watch horror movies when they get home
  • When they say yes he gets an evil smirk on his face cause his trick is ready to begin.
Fright In The Night//Im Jaebum

Originally posted by jitonic

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary : 15 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’. Way 4: “If you ever need me, i’m here.”

Author’s Note: kvhdfskjvfd hi Jaebum is so cute I luh him

xoxo Sara

It was late at night, and you knew you shouldn’t have been walking, but you had no choice. You had been given the night shift at work and you had been forced to close up, which meant you would be the last one in the store. You had no car and most of your friends were asleep, you didn’t want to wake them and take the chance of them getting mad at you, so you decided to suck it up and walk home alone with headphones in your ears and your music playing to distract you from your fears.

You felt someone fallowing you, and when you looked over your shoulder slightly, acting as if you were digging into your bag to try and find the keys to your apartment, you saw him. He was big and burly, a big winter coat with a furry hood covering his body as he slugged along, but stopped suddenly when he saw you look. Your heart stopped, but you didn’t want to take any chances. You kept on walking, pushing along through your fears as you felt the adrenaline rush through your veins, blood pumping to your heart and making it race so much you found yourself struggling to breathe.

No one was up at this time. No one would be, anyway. It was late, and you put yourself in this situation because you didn’t want to wake anyone up. You looped around a couple of blocks to try and lose him, but he was still there. You had learned that it wasn’t safe for you to go home if you were being chased, because then your chaser would know where you lived, so you had tried this technique, but you ended up feeling more weak and tired.

Your hand shook as you pressed the button on your headphones, activating the artificial intelligence speaker to clearly say in your ears, ‘What can I help you with?’

“Call…” you mumbled softly, looking away from the road and back behind you. The guy was still following you. “Jaebum.”

“Calling Jaebum,” The artificial intelligence spoke back to you, before a moment of silence filled your ears. Then, the ringing began, and you held your breath. You knew he was going to be upset with you for waking him, but hopefully he’ll understand.

“Yah, (Y/N),” You heard  his tired voice grumble through the phone, making your heart race and your blood pump in the nicest way possible, a light pink staining your cheeks as you felt a small sense of relief during the stressful walk. “Why are you up?”

“Jaebum?” you said quietly, holding the microphone piece close to your lips, “Someone’s following me.”

“What?” and suddenly, Jaebum was fully awake; the sound of the covers shifting, and the soft groan of Mark, his new room mate, filling the air, “What do you mean?”

“It’s not a big deal,” you said nonchalantly, though you knew it was, and the scoff he gave you on the other end of the phone proved it to be true, “I was just wondering if I could quickly run to your place. I’m only a few blocks away.”

“Send me your location,” Jaebum mumbled, the sound of a zipper being zipped ringing in your ears, “I’ll meet you.”

“Thank you,” you mumbled, quickly hanging up and pressing the button to send him your location.

You turned the block, heading closer to Jaebums apartment, the guy still hot on your trail, when you were suddenly pressed into something warm. You felt his arms envelope you into his warm embrace, his chin propped against your head as he mumbled, “The creep in the fur coat?”

“That would be him,” you mumbled, hugging Jaebum tighter to you. You felt your fears wash away as you stayed wrapped in his embrace, a smile dancing across your lips as you felt Jaebum hold you tighter and tighter. pressing a kiss to your forehead, he pressed a finger under your chin and lifted your face to meet his.

“Let’s head home, okay?”  His eyes wandered to the side as he spoke, watching as the man passed by the both of you, his eyes on you but slowly looking downward as he felt Jaebum’s intense stares.

You both arrived back into the boys’ apartment, Youngjae playing games at the desk they had in the corner of the room.

“So, when did he start following you?” Jaebum asked, taking his and your coat to hand them up. He noticed you were still in your work clothes, and he sighed. “He followed you home from work? Why were you working this late?”

“They gave me the night shift,” you sighed, rubbing your eyes softly. You felt a pain beginning to pound at your frontal lobes, the dim lights becoming too much for your eyes to handle. “Do you have any pain killers?”

“Yeah, I’ll go get them. Just stay here, alright?” Jaebum pressed his hands to your shoulders and lead you to the couch,  sitting you down and rubbing your back before walking back into the hallway.

Suddenly, Jaebum came out with clothes in one hand, and Mark in the other.

“Why’d you drag him out?” you asked, watching as Mark smiled tiredly at you before he plopped down on the big couch and fell back asleep almost instantly.

“He offered to give up his bed for you. Not that I made him,” Jaebum mumbled, walking over to you and handing you a pile of his clothes, along with a water bottle and two pain killers. “Get dressed and comfy and meet me in my room, okay?”

“Alright,” you mumbled, getting up and walking towards the hallway, stopping at the big couch to rub Marks back, “Thank you.”

“Mh,” he murmured with his face against the pillow, making you smile a little bit as you passed Jaebum and went to the bathroom.

You entered his room in his clothes; a large sweater, paired with a pair of sweatshorts that were nice and warm to wear on the cold autumn night. You swallowed the pain killers and drank a bit of the water as you made your way to Marks bed, somehow already cold although the sleeping bear had just left it moments ago.

“How about,” Jaebum mumbled, looking at you slightly, “You uh, come sleep in my bed. It’s kind of cold, and Mark took his blanket with him.”

“That sounds like more of a statement then a question,” you mumbled, cheeks flushing as you stood from Marks bed and walked to Jaebums, sliding in between the warm sheets as he adjusted himself more to the side to give you more room.

“Well I don’t want you to freeze,” Jaebum mumbled, a slightly smile on his face as he looked at you. You nodded softly, rubbing your eyes as you felt yourself drift to sleep, your day long forgotten as you laid in Jaebums bed with him. Soon though, you felt his strong arms envelope you yet again, not that you minded, pulling you into his warm chest as he leaned your head into his neck.

“I really care for you, (Y/N),” He mumbled, rubbing your back softly, “Don’t hesitate to call. If you ever need me, I’m here.”

You smiled slightly into his neck, letting out a soft chuckle. “You get so sappy at night, Jaebum.”



You and your boyfriend Mark had planned to go to the amusement park for a date today as you just finished your exams. Assuming it won’t be full because its a weekday. You were both mega excited to be finally spending some alone time together without the members interfering your kisses. As soon as you were about to enter the park you heard someone scream your name when you looked around you saw your bff and her boyfriend Jb. You were happy to see her (I think) but Mark was in noooo mood having you shared so he got a bit mad.

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