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Too Right To Be Wrong [Chapter 9]

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Chapter 9 of Too Right To Be Wrong


Series Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff

Your phone was blowing up all morning with texts and phone calls from Jaebum. His frantic, cryptic voicemails led you to believe that something was truly wrong. Maybe Mark already told him about the two of you and that’s why he needed to talk.

You fumbled through your closet looking for something inconspicuous as he wanted to meet you somewhere very public. Jaebum rarely ever took you out anywhere in the past, apart from occasional meet ups at clubs or restaurants in big groups. You could tell he was desperate.

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Trust Me

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A/N: I’m back with Chapter two! I hope you all like it! My goal is to have chapter three done by tomorrow, I’ll do my best!

Word Count: 1865

Genre: Fluff, Angst, Single Parent!AU

Member: Mark (Got7)

Summary:  You became a mother of a beautiful girl named Jisoo at just 16 years old. After her father ran out on the two of you, you wrote your love life off and devoted everything you had to your daughter. Everything changes when you meet a gorgeous stranger who takes interest in Jisoo and your lives.

Warnings: Language

Chapter 1

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Mark had become a regular. You would park your car behind the café, walk inside and see him, sitting at his usual table and sipping on his chai tea latte. Part of you was weirded out by this new customer, but the other part smiled proudly when you would see him in the corner, writing on paper or typing on a laptop. Of course, every time you showed up, he would come to the front and get a refill on his latte, smiling sweetly and innocently at you, which was something that astonished and irked you. How could such a perfect man come to the cozy café you treated as your second home.

A week passed since you first met Mark. Everyday he was unfailingly sitting at the table he always sat at. When the cafe became empty around 3 like it did every day, he would ask you about yourself and Jisoo. Today was no exception and for some reason, you found comfort in the routine you two had unknowingly fallen into.

“What’s Jisoo’s favourite colour?” He asks you while you make him another latte.

“Purple. Not the really dark shades or the almost pink shade, the lighter purple colours,” You reply. A soft smile falls onto his face and he looks at you, almost longingly.

“You really love your daughter don’t you?” He asks.

“Of course I do. She’s all I have,” You reply. “At the start it was really hard to get a hang of the whole parenting thing, because I was really young, but eventually I figured it out,” You admit.

“You were 16 when you had her, right?” Mark asks. You place the latte on his table and sit across from him.

“How did you know?” You ask.

“When I first met Jisoo she said she was four, and you said you are 20 so I just thought you must’ve been 16,” He says. “Is it okay if I ask about her dad?” He asks hesitantly. You sigh, nodding.

“What do you want to know?” You ask.

“When did he leave?” He asks.

“As soon as I told him I was pregnant. He disappeared the next day,” You reply.

“What a dick,” Mark says, shaking his head.

“At the time I was sure i was in love with him, now I know I was being irrational and I didn’t know was love was,” You reply. “I am glad he left. If he didn’t, somewhere down the line he would’ve and it would’ve hurt Jisoo,” You say.

“Does she know anything about her father?” He asks.

“No, nothing. I’ll tell her the truth when she’s older and can understand it wasn’t because of her he left,” You say. Mark nods, thinking about something.

“Can I have your number?” He asks. “I was going to ask you sooner… I just didn’t have the guts,” He laughs.

“Yeah sure. Can I have your phone?” You ask. He hands you his phone. You open contacts and type your number in. You save the contact and send yourself a text. “There,” You say. He smiles gratefully at you. A customer walks in and you run to the till, taking their order and making their drink. Yu get off your shift an hour later and you grab your stuff and exit the cafe, making your way to your car. You drive to your parent’s house to pick Jisoo up and then you go home. You make spaghetti and cut up some carrots. You cut the noodles really hort and place the plate in front of your daughter.

You two eat supper and between bites, Jisoo tells you about her day at her Grandma’s house. “Gramma and I did a really big puzzle! You came before we finished, but Gramma say we can finish next week,” She says, smiling happily and slurping on her spaghetti. After you both finish supper, you make her wipe off her face because she has red sauce everywhere on it. You turn on the kids channel and she colours while watching her favourite children’s show. Your phone buzzes and you pick it up, it’s a text from Mark.

Mark: Hey, Y/N. When is your next day off?

Y/N: Tomorrow actually.

Mark: Do you want to hang out? I was thinking we could take Jisoo to the park or to get ice cream. It’s totally fine if you don’t want to though.

Y/N: That actually sounds great. I would love to, and thanks for thinking about Jisoo. She’ll be really excited.

“Soo,” You say. Your daughter turns from the TV and looks at you. “Do you remember Mark?” You ask. She scrunches her eyebrows together, concentrating.

“The man from mommy’s work?” She asks. You nod. She nods vigorously. “I like Mark,” She proclaims.

“Mark is going to take us to the park tomorrow,” You say. She smiles widely.

“Really?!” She exclaims. You nod and pick her up, turning off the television.

“Bath time and then bed?” You ask. She nods. You bathe your daughter and then tuck her in and she falls asleep as you read her another bedtime story. When you walk out of her room and grab your phone, you have another text.

Mark: It’s really no problem. I want to get to know both of you.

Y/N: I want to get to know you too.

You tell Mark where Jisoo and you live so he can pick you two up tomorrow.

Mark: Seriously? Wait give me a sec.

His response to your text with your address and apartment number confuses you. Seconds later someone knocks softly on your door. You walk to the door, opening it and are met with Mark’s smiling face. You’re perplexed. How did he get here so fast?

“I live in that apartment,” He says, pointing across the hall to the apartment directly opposite of yours. You burst out laughing. “I have a roommate though that is really loud all the time and it makes me want to stab my eyes out,” He says.

“Is he being loud right now?” You ask.

“Oh god yes,” He replies.

“You can come in for a while. We have to be quiet because Jisoo is asleep but you can chill here until he shuts up,” You offer.

“A-are you sure? I don’t want to intrude or-” You cut him off.

“Oh shut up and come inside,” You say, walking away from the door and into the living room. Mark hesitantly follows you, shutting the door behind him. You flop into a chair and gesture for him to sit on the couch. He obeys and admires Jisoo’s drawing that’ lying on the table.

“Does Jisoo like to colour?” He asks. You nod.

“She loves it, it’s basically all she does,” You reply. “For her birthday all she wants are pencil crayons, crayons and markers,” You say, smiling at the memory. A smile finds its way onto Mark’s face.

“You raised a really sweet girl, you know that, right?” He asks.

“I am very proud of her,” You reply.

“The guy who left missed out. Big time,” Mark says.

“Il-sung. Jisoo’s father, his name is Il-sung,” You say.

Mark leaves about two hours later. You decide to clean up the apartment a little and then you go to bed. The next day, Mark exts you, telling you he’ll be at your apartment by 11 and that he’s excited to see you and Jisoo. Jisoo is bouncing off the walls from excitement. She adores going to the park and she’s excited to see Mark for some reason beyond you. You get her dressed and fed with much difficulty because she won’t sit still long enough for you to get anything done.

At exactly 11, a knock at your door sounds and Jisoo runs to the door, squealing in excitement. You open the door and Mark is standing there, smiling.

“Mark!” Your daughter screams, grabbing onto his leg. Mark looks as shocked as you feel. Jisoo has never been so open around a stranger, she’s usually so shy. Mark ruffles her hair and crouches down to her level.

“How are you, Jisoo?” He asks.

“Good! You can call me Soo, that’s what mommy calls me,” She says. Mark looks up at you unsurely. You nod encouragingly.

“Okay, Soo. Are you ready to do to the park?” He asks. Jisoo nods. Mark stands up and you shut and lock the door of your apartment. You three begin walking and take the elevator to get to the main floor. When you all get outside, you decide to walk to the park that’s not far away. Jisoo walks in the middle of you and Mark, holding both of your hands as you and Mark pick her up off the ground and swing her gently. She squeals happily and you two let her down again and she sees the park, running across the grass to go to the play structure. You and Mark walk side by side, following idly after her.

“She really likes you,” You say as you both sit down on a park bench.

“She’s such a sweet girl,” He says. You both watch as she climbs around on the play structure.

“Mark! Come push me!” She exclaims, pointing at a swing.  Mark gets up and walks over to her, setting her in the toddler swing and pushing her.

“You have a beautiful family,” An older lady says. You smile at her.

“Thank you,” You reply, bowing. She smiles at continues walking. Watching Mark with your daughter makes you wish that he was Jisoo’s father, not Il-sung. Just the thought of the name leaves a sour taste in your mouth. He was a coward who was too scared to take responsability of something he helped create. If you saw hm now, you would thank him. You would thank him for giving you your beautiful daughter. If he stayed, maybe Jisoo wouldn’t even be the same as she is today, maybe she wouldn’t even be named Jisoo which is a thought you don’t even want to ponder. You love Jisoo exactly how she is and you wouldn’t want her any other way.

“Y/N! Come over here!” Mark exclaims, holding your laughing daughter. You stand up and walk over to them. For the rest of the afternoon, you play games with Jisoo and Mark and for the first time, you feel like the three of you are a family. The day ends with the three of you going out for supper. Mark paid, much to your protesting. When you reach your apartment door, Jisoo is asleep in Mark’s arms. You unlock your apartment door and Mark sets the sleeping toddler in her bed, pulling her shoes off gently and placing her under the covers.

Mark stays for a few hours but eventually goes back to his apartment. You are braiding you hair when someone knocks on the door and you go and answer it. Standing on the other side of the dor is someone you want to punch straight in the face.

“Y/N,” He says. You stare at him in disbelief.

“Il-sung?” You stammer. “What the fuck are you doing here?”








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Got7 Reaction #12 - Their s/o does parkour

requested by the lovely taetae anon~


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Jackson: He’s right beside you doing all the stunts with you. He’ll always let you know when you try to push it too far though.

“Jagi, I’m okay if you want to jump from post to post, but do you really think that it’s safe to jump over that stare case?”

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Jaebum: “That’s…. that’s really not safe jagi.”

He would talk to you about stopping, or at least not doing extreme parkour and try to talk you into joining a less dangerous hobby

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Jinyoung: he doesn’t like this. At all.

“Why parkour though? Isn’t there something less…. There are so many other fun things to do that don’t involve purposely trying to hurt yourself like that jagi”

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Youngjae: He just screams everytime you do parkour in front of him. Every. Single. Time.

“ARE YOU SERIOUS WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? You’re going to give your boyfriend a heart attack!! I’m going to die young because of you!”

Originally posted by soulmatesjjp

Kunpimook: He’d think it’s pretty cool that you’re so ballsy

“Whoo!! Go jagiya!!! You can do it!!! YOU DID IT YAAS!! DAB!”

Originally posted by jypnior

Yugyeom: He’d think it’s cool until you got a little carried away and tried something that got you hurt (even if it was just a minor scrape)

“Please, please, please, PLEASE never do parkour again jagi”

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Jinyoung/Mercy (You getting lyric pranked instead).


Jungkook/Never be like you

Jimin/Dangerous Woman

Taehyung/Ain’t My Fault

Jin/Don’t Let Me Down

Suga/Side to Side

Namjoon/Needed Me

Jhope/Lifted/Closer (Yay it’s working now, let me know if it stops)

Jackson/Same Old Love

Yugyeom/Into You

JB/Pity Party

Bambam/Kiss it better

Mark/I hate you, I love you

Youngjae/Send my love

Got7 cuddling

Scenario: Got7 has a rough day and needs to cuddle

a/n: this wasn’t requested bc I have no request but I am in a soft got7 cuddly mood



You flip through the channels quickly, eyes focusing for the show you are looking for as you hear the front door close. You were filled with excitement as footsteps became louder. “Babe?” You called out with a small smile on your face, eyes on your show.

With no answer you began to worry. “Ba-”, you started but were cutoff as you felt a weight against your shoulders. Mark let out a long sigh, causing more worry to flow through you. “I’ve missed you” He mumbled against your neck as your hand roamed to tangle in his hair.

“You were only gone for a couple of hours” You giggled, turning to face him. You saw his face was pouty and he didn’t look happy at all. “Mark” You spoke more quiet as he buried his face back into you neck, not wanting you to see how upset he was.

You became equally upset seeing your boyfriend just as upset. He moved swiftly as he climbed onto the couch next to you, you quickly pulling him into your arms. Mark is usually the big spoon but today he just wanted to be held.

You could tell he wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t want to push him into a worse mood so you just laid there and held him.

“You smell so good” He said quietly as you giggled, causing a smile to paint across his face. Just being here with you, laying here with you, talking or not, Mark felt better.

You placed your lips against his forehead and moved to his cheek. “Thank you for being here for me” He mumbled before falling asleep in your arms.


You folded your clothes neatly as you set them in the draw next to Jaebum’s. You had been cleaning for an hour or so just to tidy up and get things organized before he came home. If the house was less messy you thought maybe he would be able to relax easier, so its the least you could do.

You grabbed a pair of his vans and set them on the shoe rack as you heard the front door close a little louder then normal. “y/n?” You heard his voice call out as you walked to the door, bumping into him in the process.

He walked up the stairs quicker than you expected.

“Hey b-”, before you could finish you sentence, his arms were around your waist, pulling you into the bed next to him. You were a little shocked at first, not that he wanted to cuddle, but that he didn’t eat or change right away.

For the longest time, his eyes remained closed, and you began to think he was sleeping. With a few things still needing to be done, you tried to crawl out of his grasp only for him to hold tighter.

It really caught you off guard as he opened his eyes with an exhausted look. “lay here with me please”, he said in the quietest voice possible as you nodded immediately, crawling back next to him.

His eyes closed again as you rubbed his cheek with your thumb lightly. A small smile grew on his lips as he grabbed your wrist and kissed your hand. His eyes flashed open to shine at you as he snuggled closer, if possible.

“A bad day doesn’t matter if I have you”


While Jackson was working, whether it was practicing, interviews, or photoshoots, you found it hard to keep yourself genuinely preoccupied. Today was no different.

You shifted in the covers as your earbuds played your favorite got7 song, smiling slightly to yourself as Jackson’s rap came on. With your eyes closed and your music in your ears, you didn’t hear Jackson calling your name.

He was a little nervous you didn’t answer but smiled as he saw you curled up in the blankets. Feeling sluggish from the day, he kicked off his shoes and got in the covers, pushing himself so your arms were around him.

You jumped lightly, smiling when you see Jackson centimeters from your face. He pecks your lips lightly as your pull out your earbuds. “How was your day?” You asked as you played with his hair.

He groaned. “Honestly babe, it was one of the worse days so far. For some reason I just felt out of place today” He frowned slightly as you did as well. “That was until I remember I had you to come home to. You always make me feel special, y/n”.


You pulled the hot pan out of the oven as you prepared the dinner for your boyfriend. He was always hungry when he came home and it was a tradition for you to cook dinner on Wednesday nights.

You placed the dinner on two plates before carrying it to the table, waiting for Jinyoung’s arrival. On time, the door opened but instead of his cheerful help, you were met with silence.

“Jinyoungie?” You called out as he ignored your call, continuing his walk to the kitchen. “Babe, what’s wrong?” You asked as he stopped in his tracks, turning towards you with a exhausted expression.

“I am fine, y/n” He said, grabbing a glass and filling it to the rim. “Jinyo-”, he turned towards you abruptly. “I said I am fine!” He raised his voice, something he never did, making you flinch.

You stood there in aw, not being able to say anything as he sighed and set his glass on the counter. Before he could apologize you turned on your heels and made your way to the shared room.

You didn’t want to stay in the kitchen with him, especially if Jinyoung was upset.

You laid down on the bed as Jinyoung sighed and began to walk to the room. He knew his tone of voice hurt you and he never wanted that. You squeezed your eyes shut as he laid down next to you.

“I know you aren’t asleep” His deep voice filled your ears as your eyes remained closed. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you onto his chest, your stomach against.

You nuzzled into his touch, not being able to resist him as he let out a sigh of relief. “I am sorry I yelled at you” He said, voice cracking with emotion as he looked at the ceiling.

“I had a bad day…I shouldn’t have taken it out on you” He explained as you sat up on your elbows, still somewhat laying on him. “I just wanted to help you Jinyoung” You said as he nodded, kissing you. “And I am so thankful to have you in my life”.


Coco jogged slightly ahead of you as you picked up your pace to keep up with her. It was your daily routine to walk Coco around your neighborhood once before Youngjae came home from work.

Today you were running slightly behind as you walked up to the door, Youngjae’s car already parked in the driveway. “Daddy’s home” You cooed to Coco as you picked her up, carrying her inside.

“Youngjae?” You called out as you set Coco down, letting her run throughout the house. You heard no response as you made your way upstairs. He laid in bed with his hair tussled and eyes closed.

A small smile grew on your lips as you inched closer and climbed in bed behind him. His body tensed as he felt you against him, but he stayed with back facing you.

You thought he was sleeping until he let out a deep sigh and turned your way. His cheeks were red and he looked like he was trying not to cry. “Youngjae”, you said as a whisper before he pulled you into his chest.

“This lifestyle I have” He mumbles into you neck before taking a deep breath. “Its so hard sometimes…I’m glad I have you to support me”.


You laughed into the phone as your boyfriends sister Baby told you a funny story about him. You and Baby were quite close and you could even call her one of your bestfriends.

“That’s the thing about Bambam though, he never shows the weaker sides to him, sometimes not even to our mom” She explained, making you slightly worried about him.

You didn’t want to sound rude but you thought that your relationship with Bambam was different. You thought that if he needed to talk to you he would, or at least you hope he would.

You were so absorbed into the phone call that you didn’t hear the front door close or Bambam coming up the stairs. You locked eyes with him and smiled, it quickly disappearing when you noticed how upset he seemed.

“Baby, Bambam just got home. Can I call you back later?” You asked as she agreed and you said your goodbyes.

You set your phone on the nightstand as Bambam climbed into bed and laid his head in your lap. “Was that my sister?” He asked monotone as you smiled, rubbing the hair from his face.

“Yea, we were talking about you”, he nodded but had no response. He kept his eyes on anything but yours. “Bammie? What’s wrong? You can talk to me, you know that right?” You asked as he sighed, looking into your eyes.

“Its hard seeing everyone with their family everyday and knowing that mine is in Thailand doing things and making memories without me” He croaked, eyes slowly filling with tears.

You’ve never seen this side of Bambam in your two years of dating. He never cried in front of you unless it was because he was laughing too hard. He took your silence as an opportunity to continue.

“Sometimes I feel so alone, even with my got7 and igot7 family…” He trailed and then sat up, inching closer to you. “You…You make me feel like I’m back with my family… y/n, you gave me a home to come back to” He whispered as you snuggled into his arms.


Yugeyom was always very upfront to you about his feelings, even if he felt weak. You were someone who he could confide in and it made you feel special. So when Yugyeom walked in sad and you asked what was wrong, he immediately answered.

“There are so many people watching me… So many people I have to please… I feel like if I make one wrong move that they will all be disappointed in me” He confided in you as he laid his head against your chest.

“None of us could ever be disappointed in you Gyomie” You reassured him as he placed his legs over yours, snuggling closer. “Not even igot7′s?” He asked, looking up at you.

“Especially not igot7′s”.


a/n: I am sorry some are longer than others, it was easier for me to write for certain members lol. My got7 merch came in yesterday and it all fits so good I’m so happy :) I hope you guys enjoy this!