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Aria T’Loak 

Well a pretty popular theory that I probably would agree with is that bioware wanted to make her more conventionally attractive and the average person likes a girl with brows.

But Liara’s weren’t hairy and Peebee’s are so Liara’s don’t fit with their explanation of a recessive gene. Peebee and Liara would have “eyebrows” for different reasons. As far as I know nobody has an explanation for Asari facial markings, like if they’re tattoos or if they’re born with them. So did Liara get “eyebrows” tattooed on? Or was she born with the marking? If she got them tattooed with barely any interaction or experience with humans than why are they so human looking?

It’s pretty obvious to me that the two main Asari in the first trilogy and in the upcoming games (assuming Peebee would remain a main character for more than one game) both have “eyebrows” to fit the conventional beauty of humans.

I don’t think lore plays a role in Asari brows, unfortunately.

Of Asari and Eyebrows...

Every so often, I find threads claiming that Liara T’soni is the only asari in mass effect whose skin markings closely resemble eyebrows.

That is patently untrue.

Now there are plenty of things about Liara’s character that are in fact tied to her status as creator-favorite. Her eyebrows may in fact be influenced by this. However, saying she’s the only asari with eyebrow-markings?

Exhibit A: Benezia

Exhibit B: the original asari concept art


Here’s the thing, I’ll admit that Benezia and Liara are the only asari I’ve seen in-game whose markings seem quite that limited. (This is probably for reasons of making them more relatable)  But… they’re also not the only asari with markings in that general region of the face.

Left to Right: Samara’s Daughter Rila, Rana Thanoptis, Aria T’Loak  

Not pictured: Shiala, Falere, Nelyna, Councilor Tevos, Councilor Irissa, 

Many (but not all) asari have some kind of marking there to help us poor humans track emotional cues. In cases like Sha’ira or Samara, the uncanny factor of their absence aids that character’s design. (However, a lack of markings is also noted in non-ethereal characters such as Matriarch Aethyta, Detective Anaya, and various unnamed asari.)

TL;DR: Critique Liara’s character if you want, but please don’t tell me she’s the only asari with ‘eyebrows.’ 


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Encore - Tit for tat

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