They look so confused…and offended…lmfao


Ten’s message to Johnny… Smrookies Johnny’s Birthday Mission. #smrookies #johnny #ten #mark

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What NCT's voices remind me of

Jaehyun: Bass guitar, it’s steady but has many abilities and tricks.

Ten: Air, comforting pressure on your neck, soft breaths.

Taeyong: How noises sound after a long silence. A deep rumble.

Taeil: A sunrise, warmth, and the arch of flickering flames.

Mark: A deep breath after being underwater, mountain air, an abrupt drop.

Doyoung: The feeling in your chest when someone compliments you unexpectedly.

Yuta: Blooming roses including the thorns, bare feet on a forest floor, holding on with one hand over a drop.

Haechan: A harp, the rush of blood to a numb foot/hand, dreams.

Winwin: Being unable to breathe, a flash of light, dancing while no one is watching.