Marius Listhrop

Oh, shit, it’s so easy. Cats, my god. Dogs, really ? I absolutely fucking hate dogs. Cats can look after them selves. I don’t care, I could pick up a cat and drop it here and it would survive for weeks without anything. You put dog in here, you gotta take that nigger for walks, you gotta feed that nigger, you gotta fucking stroke that nigger, you gotta fucking give that nigger love and shit or else that nigger’s gonna be all neglected and shit and then “the RSPCA”’s gonna be running up to your house and shit, kicking down doors, taking your dooooog from you. If you have a cat, stroke it once “Alright fuck off mate, go look for a rat.” Meow.
—  Marius Listhorp aka Mazzi Maz, on whether he prefers cats or dogs