Svpply Sets. 

I got a nudged a few weeks back by a homie to start using the Sets Feature for svpply.  Naturally it made sense.  I like it because for a while Svvply was for me a resrouce for the mashups and a place to dump items that I need to purchase or wished I could purchase.  With the sets, it has allowed me to organize the confusion of my svpply profile.  

I wanted to take this time to introduce you to my sets and explain some others that you should get familiar with.

One of my first sets was inspired by the homie CB’s sets that are featured on svpply.  Simple straight and to the point.  A classic ADT mashup.  The next was A Lunch Meeting with Cliff Huxtable at the Four Seasons.  Fans of American Psycho should get a kick out of that one.  The last and my favorite is We Pregame Harder Than You Party.  That was a motto that I started saying back in college.  This set is basically the essentials of my cocktail den. 

I also wanted to point out the fact that others such as Marisa are creating sets focused around specific items such as bags in her case, or Josh Woods amazing literature collection.  All around dope concept and I hope you start one if you have a svpply account. 

Ladies stay fly, Gents Stay Fresh


Now, here we are, and the modern man’s dressing custom has become a staunchly bro-ish affair. Cubicle mates and menswear bloggers are his new targets to impress. It’s a dress-by-numbers approach and the feminine perspective is seemingly no longer in the game, benched in what once was a two-team sport.

Marisa Zupan.

Get I get an Amen, sister?

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