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And thus his secret identity was revealed.

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Mhuahahahahahahahaa!!! Ahahahahahhaha!!! MWUHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S GOOD TO BE ALIVE PEOPLE! XD A quick drawing for the “Star on Wheels” episode. This is what I wanted to happen actually lol… Enjoy! :3

PS…. Sorry… Oscar kindda looks weird in there ^u^;
Another PS….. Please don’t re-post my drawing without credits.. please…  please lang dhear lhawrd maawa naman kayo sakin oh XD


Random Sketches

1. Morning with Adrien 
2. Left over LadyNoir dates featuring Rolling Stone (Jagged Stone and Penny Rolling)
3. Ladybug inspired Design (Return of LadyBun)
4. Ladybug can bench so much you guys. Ladybug has an 8 pack
5. Akumatized Marinette - The Marionette (yeah, sups orig I kno)


This is for @thesafekid he said on instagram that he wanted a SVTFOE AU about Ouran High School Host Club.
Star is Haruhi
Marco is Tamaki
Tom is Kyoya
Alfonzo and Ferguson are The Hitachiin Twins
Toffee is Mori
Lazer Puppy is Usa-chan
Ludo is Honey
Janna is Eclair

My bonus sketch was the Genderbent version. Hope you like it duuuuude… :3