I just saw the “Mario Pikachu” collection and now I’m dead ⊟

I just died from a lethal dose of cute. I’d say the only cure for my condition is a trip to the Japanese Pokemon Center to pick up one of these dolls, 3DS cases, special Mario/Luigi Pikachu Pokemon cards, or other items, but unfortunately there is no cure for death.

Via Japanese Nintendo.

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New Mario and Luigi original merchandise is coming to Japanese Centers, with additional limited edition Kyoto goods to also be available. On (Saturday) October 29th, 2016 will see the release of Mario and Luigi Pikachu crossover plush available for 2,200 yen each. Also as part of a Kyoto and Online Japanese Center exclusives, new mascots will be available as a cheaper alternative at the standard RRP of 1,200 yen each. Also to be sold will be T-shirt Mario/Luigi Pikachu Adult sizes in small, medium and large for 3,000 yen each, while the childrens sizes are 2,500 yen each. Other merchandise as follows :

Kyoto / JP PC Online Exclusive

Source: pokeshopper.com


Time to switch it up with Will Smith and his brand new console!

Download this mashup for free here!


Part 3! Because a part every time Halloween comes around 8P