It was a standard post on Instagram back in May 2016: Eight women, all smiling in their Marine Corps uniforms. Then someone copied it and posted it to a Facebook group.

“And I watched in real time as hundreds of people commented on this photo and said things like they wanted to rape us,” Maj. Janine Garner told Host Ari Shapiro on NPR’s All Things Considered.

Garner asked permission from each of her fellow Marines to post the picture to her personal Instagram account. They all agreed. What they didn’t agree to was the harassment that came later.

“They immediately reduced us to our sexuality,” Garner said. “Whether we were ‘doable,’ not 'doable,’ every amount of vitriol. We were called the worst names — and these were leaders in the Marine Corps.”

The Marine Corps is still trying to cope with the scandal involving nude photos of women, including Marines and other active duty service members, which were shared in a closed Facebook group without their consent. Other images were more everyday — in some cases, basic ID-style photos — but still subjected to the same kind of comments.

Hundreds of Marines are being investigated in the case, and Congress has convened hearings to look into how it happened.

Female Marines Tackle What They Call A Corps’ 'Culture of Sexism’

Photo: Courtesy of Maj. Janine Garner


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If anyone around our french blogs that speak only english wants to know how French politics is going right now, knowing than April the 23rd we vote for our president, here we go:

Yann Barthès: Well.. we’re may be going to stop to speak about Donald Trump because we’re getting worst than Americans. Today the French election campaign arrived into a new area. A area we call in our office the “Fuck it” area.

[Show a Emmanuel Macron picture]

We’re Mars the 1st, I still didn’t present my program *. Fuck it ! Vote for me anyway.

[show a picture of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Benoit Hamon]

we’re are the same, we have no chance to win if we don’t associate with each other. But fuck it ! Vote for us.

[Show a picture of Marine Le Pen]

Well me I got to investigations about me one about the financing of the campaign of my party, and the police that summoned me about a case of fakes jobs. But I didn’t went ! Fuck it ! Vote for me !

[Show a picture of François Fillon]


[sight again because seriously]

midday today, press conference.

Fillon:  Ladies and Gentlemen, My lawyer learnt I will be summoned March the 15th by the examining magistrate for an investigation procedure.

Yann Barthès: March the 15th, the candidate of the right wing will get an investigation procedure against him. Fuck it !

Fillon: I won’t surrender, I won’t withdraw from the campaign. Yes I will be candidat to become the president of the republic

Yann Barthès: I don’t give a fuck. fuck what I said on TF1 {first french TV channel} in front of millions of French people.

Fillon:  Only one thing would stop me to be a candidat. If my honor was put at risk. If I was put in an investigation procedure

Yann Barthès: Fuck what I said last August in front of my campaigner

Fillon: Who would imagine for a second general De Gaulle with an investigation procedure against him ?

Yann Barthès: Fuck it.

Fillon: the president shouldn’t be a president of  miscellaneous news.

Yann Barthès: I don’t give a fuck.

Bourdin: if there was an investigation procedure against you, would you be candidat ?

Fillon:  No I wouldn’t.

Bourdin: No ?

Fillon: really not. I there was a investigation procedure against me I would consider I am not able to lead the country exemplary.

Bourdin: So it’s a question of morality ?

Fillon: Yes. It’s a question of morality. of course.

Yann Barthès: Well there is at least one good new in all of this. listen to what he said.

Fillon: When I travelled across France for three years, I heard plenty of time French people telling me “us, if a speed camera caught us, we pay. You up there, we got the feeling you never pay”. This needs to change.

Yann Barthès: “this need to change” Yes ! the good new is if Fillon is elected, this need to change. so I announce you we are all allowed to stop paying our fines ! with the fines we do that

 [tear up a fine]

because we don’t give a fuck either. fuck it !


what did we do to deserve that ? What did France do to deserve candidates like that ? what  did we do to get a campaign shitty like that ? after a dark time for France, with horrible attacks in Paris or nice… we though they would be up to it. up to what we went trough.

we were wrong.

[musical video singing “rien à foutre” {fuck it} while we got all the non sense ours candidates make us went through since novembre: our actual president announcing he won’t be candidate next year, the Penelope Gate, the fact Fillon will run for president anyway, Le Pen that didn’t went to the police, Mélenchon’s hologram, Macron screaming]

* Macron finally presented a program on March the 2nd. I quote him (as much as I can with my translation skills): “people though we were'nt serious if we didn’t say “this is a political program”. so we release a  “this is a political program”.


I swear, some pictures of marines in the smoke hell of Kuwait’s oil wells burning after the Iraqis set them aflame, you could change the caption to “marines invade hell” and it’d look fitting

Every year, each unit in the United States Marine Corps holds a “Birthday Ball” to celebrate the Birthday of the USMC.  One of the many traditions at each of those Birthday Balls is for the unit Adjutant to read the Official Birthday Message written in 1921 by General John A. Lejeune when he was Commandant of the Marine Corps.  This picture depicts the Battalion Adjutant from 3d Battalion, 7th Marines reading General Lejeune’s birthday message at a Marine Corps Ball.  Semper Fidelis and Happy Birthday Marines.

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A standard summoning Circle for a United States Marine.

You’ll notice there is no US Marine in this picture. This is because they have made the summoning circle out of salt instead of loose chewing tobacco, and they have not properly prepared​ the sacrifice of boot tears.

Source- terminal Lance

Fisherman’s Knot Chapter 1


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Happy endings are messy, and the Arctic winter is more difficult than either Stan or Ford want to admit. 

Post-canon hurt/comfort. Probably four chapters? Eventual warnings for discussions of depression, suicidal ideation, and other Bad Brains stuff.

On the Briny Ocean Tossed

The cabin of the Stan o’ War II was dark when Ford awoke from a fretful slumber, blankets twisted around his legs and the pattern of his sweater impressed into his cheek. He lay silently for a moment, clenching and unclenching his fists and letting the calm rocking of the ship lull away the wisps of nightmares that hung about his mind. Quietly, he repeated the mantra that had seen him through his time in the portal. You’re here. You’re real. You can make it through this.

This time, he couldn’t actually remember what he’d dreamed about, and in a way that was worse than the alternative. Dreams that he remembered could be analyzed, explained away, he could assure himself that they weren’t real, or, more usually, that they had been real, but they were over now. When the only thing in his head was a lingering sense of terror with no rationale behind it, there was nothing he could do except wait. And his thoughts, treacherously, always wondered, if losing the memories of his dreams was this disconcerting, memories of things that hadn’t actually happened, how much worse it must have been—

No. He couldn’t think about it. Stanley was fine. He had his moments, had things that were still hazy, and sometimes Ford would find him sitting at the table clutching the scrapbook that Mabel had left with them, but, miraculous as it seemed, he was fine. Even Fiddleford was doing well for himself these days. There was no use dwelling on it.

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Sally Jackson hastried everything she could think of to calm down her newborn son. It has only been a few weeks since his birth and she still wasn’t too used to this new dynamic of her life. Sally loved it though with all of her heart, despite the few noise complaints she gets.

Currently she was in the nursery her and…Poseidon had made together when Sally was a few months along in her pregnancy. It was simple in design since she didn’t make that much with her current job. The walls were ocean blue with some pictures of marine life that Poseidon had said were good companions to him over the years. They also put a white rocking chair, which she was currently using, near the window. Sally always loved coming in here in the daylight. It was her favorite room, just knowing her child was in here made it that way.

The sound of crying reminded her of why she was in here at 1 o’clock in the morning. “Shh now Percy. It’s okay. Mama’s here nothing’s going to happen.” Sally said gently as she rubbed his back hoping that would sooth the crying baby. She heard him settle a little after hearing her voice, but a few moments later his crying returned. It was in these moments where she wished her mom was still alive, so she could just call her and ask her what she was doing wrong., but her mother wasn’t here and neither was the god that she fell in love with.

Sighing a little, Sally got up from the chair and started walking around the room taking another look. On the opposite side of the sea green crib was a dresser of the same color. The dresser came up to her stomach and had seashells that the sea god had gotten from one of the beaches in Hawaii. They all were various colors and shapes, some even had boating rope connoting them together. It was one of the best surprises she ever experienced. Sally had come home after her OBGYN appointment and The Sea God was sitting in the living room with the dresser in front of him. When Poseidon saw her he gave her this crooked, yet shy smile and said, “Surprise” in a sheepish way, like he was prepared for her to hate it. It was a good thing that he was already sitting down because she had tackled him before he could freak out about her silence.

Right now there was a sort of new boom box that she had gotten on the dresser ready to be played anytime. Sally just continued to lightly bounce her still crying baby boy. “I know that you aren’t hungry, or that you need to be changed so what do you need Perseus? I’m running out of ideas baby boy,” She mumbled to herself just looking at the boom box.

Suddenly, well more like slowly with how tired she was, an idea came to her. It was like her mind just down once she heard Percy crying. She went to the crib and reluctantly went to the crib and put her son down, cringing when he cried even louder. Sally practically ran to her room, once there she got on her knees beside her bed and grabbed a cardboard box. She carefully opened the lid and took out the CD that was on top of the other miscellaneous things that reminded her of Poseidon. Going back to the nursery she quickly put the cd into the boom box and pressed play before heading to the crib and picking up Percy.

Sally held her breath while the first track started to play. It started out very softly so she turned the volume up, and like a miracle, once the sound reached her son’s tiny ears he almost immediately stopped crying. Sally sighed in relied once Percy completely stopped. “That’s all you wanted huh? You just wanted to her the ocean and seagulls.” She whispered to him while Percy just looked at her from where his head rested on her shoulder. “You are just like your daddy. He would only calm down when he heard the ocean too. Hopefully you’ll become a good man like he is.”

Sally walked back to the crib and put Percy in it, than she covered him with his green baby blanket and his stuffed clown fish. She stayed there just staring at her beautiful baby boy while the sounds of the ocean pulled him into sleep. Sally gently brushed his black hair away from his face before kissing his forehead and quietly leaving the room, while keeping the door slightly ajar. She had never expected this was going to be her life when she was younger, but now she couldn’t picture it any other way.

Sally Jackson knew that there was going to be hardships in the future. She won’t be able to know that her son was going to safe everyday. She knew that the creatures that go bump in the night were out there. Sally knows that her son was going to have to fight and grow up a little too fast, but she would make sure that his days would be full of happiness and love.  That’s what mothers did for their children and she was going to do it no matter the cost. So she went back to bed while Perseus Jackson slept to the sound of the ocean.

~So I wrote this after seeing a list of head cannons about toddler Percy by blackjacktheboss and one of them was “the only thing that could calm him during his crying spells was a cd of ocean sounds” so I hope whoever reads  this likes it.