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Now is the time. The Government of Ontario recently announced plans to essentially end orca captivity in Ontario forever. There was no mention of what was to happen to Kiska, the last captive orca remaining in Canada.
Kiska resides at Marineland Canada, in a small, bland tank. She has suffered the loss of all 5 of her calves, as well as her tankmates, and now she lives entirely alone.
The Government must address Kiska’s social isolation, and allow her to be moved to a facility that can better care for her. If Kiska absolutely cannot be moved (due to health for example) then Marineland must provide her with a companion (a dolphin) and upgrade her environment to suit her needs, as well as develop an in-depth enrichment program.

EVERYONE NEEDS TO SIGN AND SHARE NOW. Even people who are pro-captivity. THIS is the best way to help Kiska, and you know it. Do not continue to sit by and be complicit in her suffering.

Kelly Clark, curator of trainers at SeaWorld Orlando told a bold faced lie on Fox News last night, claiming that SeaWorld has not separated a young orca from its mother in over 35 years.

What about:

  • Kalina (Aged 4) taken from Katina in 1990 and moved from Florida to Ohio. 
  • Katerina (Aged 2) taken from Katina in 1991 and moved from Florida to Ohio.
  • Kayla (Aged 2) taken from Kenau in 1991 and moved from Texas to Ohio and later moved to Florida.
  • Splash (Aged 2) taken from Nootka V in 1992 and moved from Marineland Canada to SeaWorld California.
  • Keet (Aged 1) taken from Kalina in 1994 and moved from Texas to California.
  • Sumar (Less than 1 year old) taken from Taima in 1999 and moved from Florida to California.
  • Keto (Aged 3) taken from Kalina in 1999 and moved from Florida to California and later moved to Loro Parque, Spain.
  • Shouka (Aged 9) taken from Sharkan in 2002 and moved from Marineland France to Six Flags Ohio and later to SeaWorld California.
  • Unna (Aged 5) taken from Katina in 2002 and moved from Florida to Texas. 
  • Takara (Aged 12) taken from Kasatka in 2004 and moved from California to Florida and later moved to Texas.
  • Tuar (Aged 4) taken from Kalina in 2004 and moved from Florida to Texas. 
  • Tekoa (Aged 3) taken from Taima in 2004 and moved from Florida to Texas and later to Loro Parque, Spain. 
  • Ikaika (Aged 4) taken from Katina in 2006 and moved from Florida to Marineland Canada. 
  • Kohana (Aged 2) taken from Takara in 2006 and moved from Florida to Loro Parque, Spain. 
  • Skyla (Aged 2) taken from Kalina in 2006 and moved from Florida to Loro Parque, Spain. 
  • Taku (Aged 12) taken from Katina in 2006 and moved from Florida to Texas. 

I won’t ever understand how someone could go onto television and lie so freely; the most recent separations even occurred at the park where Clark works.

 (Feel free to add any more i may have missed or correct any information i might have gotten wrong)

M.A.D. E-News - Lupita's Story

       Lupita at the “Freedom for Dolphins and Whales Demonstration"​

Hey M.A.D.‘rs 

A week from our last demonstration I wanted to reach out today with a story. 

Demonstrating as part of the global "Freedom for Dolphins and Whales” day we set up in front of Marineland at 11:30 am for an afternoon protest. 

Not long after we set up I noticed a woman on the other side of the fence - Marineland’s side - trying to read our signs. I could tell she was shy because she was standing back a bit, but she was interested. I asked her if she knew why we were there. She nodded, smiled, and replied, "Can I join you?“ 

Communicating through a language barrier we got Lupita a sign and welcomed her to the demonstration. She stood with us for nearly the entire demonstration until her tourist bus come back up to the parking lot to take them to their next location. 

Tourist buses frequently include a stop at Marineland in travel packages, and it is common for people to not know or not want to go in or support animal captivity. We are glad that on that day we were able to offer Lupita an alternative! 

During the last round of civil litigation brought forward by the lawyers for Marineland Canada this became the central point - they wanted to restrict any speech or appeals to park goers on the basis of what they called "the right to quiet enjoyment of the park.” They were unsuccessful in their attempts as we refused to consent and they were forced to abandon their motion. Still, they recognize how powerful it is for us to be out front of their facility ready to provide people with an alternative. For some that means packing back up in the car and going somewhere else, for others like Lupita, that means spending the afternoon with us instead. 

To those who come out and demonstrate and to those who support our campaign - this is our goal. To show the people that there is another way. We do not have to rip animals from the wild, from their families, and gawk at them in small tanks and cages in order to appreciate them. 

Each individual who steps up and joins with others raises that collective voice. No, not everyone loves Marineland. In fact, we know thousands of people who do not! 

To all of those who break away from the crowd, to all of the Lupita’s out there who make an effort to take any chance to stand up for captive animals - thank you! All of these small acts - attending a demonstration, speaking out against a school or corporate trip, sharing information online and word of mouth, watching and promoting documentaries, writing politicians - combined these acts are all diffusive, they all spread and grow. Together, they will create historic change for captive animals. 

Dylan Powell (Co Founder Marineland Animal Defense) 

Kiska at Marineland. It’s pathetic in that her tank is larger than Lolita’s, but is still inadequate for an animal that would have otherwise swam in the open ocean for miles in any direction. They’re not meant to be confined to tiny enclosures.

How many orcas did they expect to fit in there anyway?

Captivity is about separation and exclusion. It is about the destruction of families and communities. For wild caught animals, many watch their parents and family killed in front of them at a young age so that they won’t be able to put up a fight to defend them from capture. For the animals bred in captivity at Marineland, those parents routinely watch as their offspring suffer and die in infancy.

There are no heart warming stories for Mother’s Day at Marineland. There are endless sad stories, but none may be more pressing and sad than that of Kiska. Marineland’s last remaining Orca, Kiska was wild caught from Iceland in the 1980’s. At Marineland, Kiska is the longest serving resident and she has seen dozens of Orcas come and go - and estimated 14 other Orcas die. Of those 14, 5 of them have been her own children. The oldest surviving just 6 years.

Since the removal of Ikaika back to SeaWorld she has spent her days alone. Ex-trainers have spoken publicly about their concern for her and Marineland itself have gone on public legal record establishing their concern for the health of their lone Orca held in solitary.

Kiska’s story is the story of captivity. She has survived, but at what cost? Her life has been painfully sad, she is alone and completely dependent upon humans - humans who are only interested in her as an “asset.”

There is no human need to hold other animals in captivity. There is no human need to gawk at or to turn other animals into mere commodities and spectacles. We will fight to remove Kiska and all of the other animals at Marineland and to ensure no more captives for John Holer!

Photo Credit: Natalie Lucier

Everyone Loathes Marineland 4/?

“My name is Kandu 7. I was caught in Iceland as a young orca and brought to Marineland. Compared to a lot of new captives, i adjusted well to captivity and grew to be sexually mature. I have sired all of the calves born at Marineland, and I ended up getting my own daughter pregnant. In total, I have sired more than 10 calves. None of them are alive today. A few were born with defects or health problems. My genes are often blamed for their problems and and early deaths. In December of 2005, I died. I was in my late 20’s/ I am one of the oldest orcas who has lived at Marineland. My cause of death was cancer.”

Next up is Malik


90 Seconds For Kiska

For those still up - in advance of our call in tomorrow we made a new video PSA featuring Kiska. Kiska is the sole survivor of the captive orca program at Marineland Canada - and the last remaining orca in captivity in Canada. 

In the time it would take you to send an email, fax, or call to Federal Ocean and Fishers Minister Gail Shea she will have lapped her tank. 

Please join us and fight for her release to a sea and for an end to captivity in Canada. Share this video widely - Marineland will no doubt try everything they can to get it pulled down.

I know I’ve pushed this petition before, but OCAW is working on getting a meeting with Ontario Premier, Kathleen Wynn to discuss Kiska. Please sigh and reblogged the crap out of this.

The goal is to find Kiska a better facility for companionship and better medical care. She is not a contender for release. But we need her out of Marineland



BIG ANNOUNCEMENT this #SMT - We are excited to release the dates of all our major demonstrations at Marineland for #OP2NDCHANCE! 
please SHARE this image, tell your friends and mark these days on your calendars. stay tuned here for additional information and event pages. Let’s make this year the best yet- and hopefully the last!


Have you contacted Federal Ocean and Fisheries Minister Gail Shea yet today? Please do! She is a decision maker and can stop the flow of wild caught marine mammals into parks like Marineland Canada. Please follow through and ask her to close the wild capture loophole once and for all!

Canada's only captive orca, Kiska, needs your help!

Kiska seems to be deteriorating quickly. We know that Marineland would never disclose any negative info about her health, and we know that with the lack of laws protecting captive cetaceans in Ontario, it isn’t likely that the OSPCA will step forward and demand something is done.
So we need to pressure them.
PLEASE sign this petition and show your support for this beautiful girl. She deserves to have people speak up for her.
To help even more, e-mail these people at the OSPCA with your opinion.

Also, please reblog this so more people can add their voices!