he suprised me at a cheer comp :)

it was the best thing ever I hadnt seen my marine in 3 months and he told me he was still in GA with family well, i had regionals cheer competition that day so he came after my school preformed he was there and kissed me it was amazing i didnt know he was coming or that he was already there

I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend. He is the man of my dreams. The last 5 years have been nothing but perfect, he has stuck by my side and supported me through everything since day one. We are one of the very few couples that have never broken up or “taken a break”. He truly is the love of my life. I can tell by the way he looks at me that he feels the same way about me as I do him. 

I am a usmc girlfriend

I complain about boots left in the living room but then I remember one day those boots will have to leave.

I hang the same pictures every three years but I do it on different walls.

I can open the pickle jar but I have him do it when he’s here.

I tear up when I see a blue star banner or a yellow ribbon around a tree but I know the pride that comes with them.

I cry for fallen soldiers I did not know and pray for wives I’ll never meet but they would do the same for me.

I’m not afraid of the night but I’m terrified of the darkness that steals into his dreams and causes him to wake in a sweat.

I may not know my zip code or which road leads to my house but I have the ultimate understanding of home.

I know chocolate doesn’t go in a care package but it doesn’t matter because candy bars aren’t what he’ll miss the most.

I’m not supposed to hold his hand or grab his butt in uniform but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to.

I don’t salute the flag like he does but I love it just as much.

I know the military alphabet but military time still slows me down.

I’m strong enough to send him to war but that doesn’t mean I want to.

I have no family here but I’m surrounded by”sisters” .

I look forward to long weekends but I know Memorial Day is much more than just the start of summer.

I don’t know the exact meaning of “oorah” but I know exactly when to use it.

I’m not a hero but I’m lucky enough to be in love with one.

I am an Usmc girlfriend but most importantly I am his girlfriend.

—  Military girlfriend