The Dane Reynolds hype-train is rolling and we’re on it! Ever since the WSL announced that Dane would get the wildcard in to the 2015 J-Bay Open, the Internet exploded with pundits debating whether or not Reynolds’ surfing was a good fit for J-Bay and some wondered if he still had the competitive fire to take on some of the world’s best “heat” surfers. 

All you need to do is look back to his semifinal finish in 2009 to see how damn insanely good Dane is at J-Bay. He’s gonna destroy the place! Tune in to WSL’s site on July 8th to watch Dane do some damage.

photo: Jason Kenworthy


Clouds parting to reveal the radio and TV antennae on top of Mt. Wilson, San Gabriel Mountains, Angeles National Forest, California.


San Francisco, California, USA

A river of clouds

Moist air coming in from the Pacific Ocean has condensed as it meets California’s coastal range, flowing inland over Mount Tamalpais near San Francisco in a smooth fluid motion. Sitting at around 780 metres above the sea, these peaks form the first rain barrier before the Sierras, though all of California’s mountains now have perilously low snowpack due to the ongoing drought. The range was upthrust over the San Andreas fault, where the Pacific oceanic plate is sliding past the North American continental one, though others suggest a hidden thrust fault capable of powerful quakes may lie in the area.