this is so messed up… like we know that at first, sozin just tried to set up colonies in the earth kingdom, that was his target and his plan. then when roku found out about this, they had their big argument and battle, breaking a lifelong friendship. this is when sozin fully turned against the avatar, but it wasn’t until 35 years later that sozin’s comet arrived and they committed the air nomad genocide. and you don’t just commit genocide without indoctrinating your people and military to hate the targeted group of people first. the air nomads are just that– nomads– which means they travel the world and have no permanent home. they were present in the fire nation like anywhere else, and it’s probable that they faced xenophobia and were viewed by the nationalistic and generally homogenous fire nation people as outsiders and intruders.

this brings me to this scene. the council, specifically pasang the head monk, says “i fear that war may be upon us.” the fact that they know this tells me that as much as they try to appear removed from the world, they still do some governing and participate in international relations, and they see the warning signs. because it’s likely that in the 35 years between that fight with roku and the genocide, sozin’s plan shifted to include ending the avatar, who would next be an airbender. so he cultivated worse and worse hate of the air nomads in the fire nation people, preparing for when sozin’s comet came. it’s likely that this was built on centuries of rising and falling prejudice, but in that timespan he had to have escalated it to the point where his people and armies would carry out a genocide, and the air nomads became aware of that rising hate to the point that their leaders saw war coming. it’s just really sad to think about

Albums for the Signs

Guaranteed to become your favorites! Look at moon sign as well. ☾ 

Aries: Discovery - Daft Punk (especially recommend Crescendolls)

Taurus: Girls and Weather - The Rumble Strips (especially recommend Girls and Boys In Love)

Gemini: Taki 183 - Dye (especially recommend Fantasy)

Cancer: Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness (Self titled album - especially recommend Rainy Girl)

Leo: Tourist History - Two Door Cinema Club (especially recommend What You Know)

Virgo: Contra - Vampire Weekend (especially recommend Holiday)

Libra: What a Drag - Beach Weather (especially recommend Swoon)

Sagittarius: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles (especially recommend Within You Without You)

Scorpio: Awaken, My Love - Childish Gambino (especially recommend Redbone)

Capricorn: Wiped Out! - The Neighbourhood (especially recommend Ferrari)

Aquarius: Runway - SwuM (especially recommend Hydrate)

Pisces: Plastic Beach - Gorillaz (especially recommend Melancholy Hill)

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It's so hard being an air moon and being depressed because when I feel upset I always think I'm overreacting and I just try to push my emotions away. Is this a common air moon thing? And is there anything I can do for this? Or maybe any advice you have for air moons that deal with depression/or other emotional/mental illness? Thanks.

A support system is very important for an air moon, I especially believe this because the air signs are meant to be social.
I think it’s important to surround yourself with people who can read you well, ask what’s going on, and allow you express yourself without being ridiculed. If you’re around people that say you’re overreacting, it can be quite damaging and creates that habit of wanting to hide those emotions the next time it happens. 
My boyfriend is an air moon and I personally think his family isn’t the greatest with validating his emotions, depressive thoughts, and anxiety. His mood definitely improves when I remind him that what he’s feeling is okay. It is okay to feel. And then I remind him that although he’s feeling like this right now, he won’t be later and it is important to take and let go. Take those feelings, feel them, and then let them go.
So my advice to you is to find someone you trust who will listen to you.
Meditation may also be helpful because it allows you to be more emotionally comfortable with yourself and building that strategy to feel and let go. 

Track 1 - Kisses
木村 良平
Track 1 - Kisses

HEY! HEY! HEY! It’s track 1 for Bokuto! Enjoy his kisses! Sorry it doesn’t sound exactly like him, but I found this one to be the most similar cause he kinda has Boukto undertones.

Haikyuu Character: Bokuto Koutarou

Drama CD: KISS x KISS Collections Vol. 36

Producer: AIR LABLE

VA:  Kimura Ryōhei

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Rookie boy group VARSITY is back with “Hole in One” MV!

Do you love this addictive and playful track?

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I'm kinds upset at Thomas right now, so that last imagine kinda got me. That boy better learn to share!! And he better clean my place and come with gifts if he's gonna make me be late for my date 🤷‍♀️ who does this man think he his?

And you know what? 

I am actually about to post the one shot about this…


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Black and White

I live
In a world of black and white.
I breathe
But my lungs won’t obey
I speak
But no words escape my lips.

My existence devoid of


Since you’ve been gone.

taz 61 spoiler but

like the whole scene with lup and the crew in regards to world-destroying was so emotional and well-acted. and then taako immediately backtracks to ‘oh shit i fucked up’-ville. honestly everything about it was wonderful

but i also spent the whole scene thinking of lup doing that one game grumps moment. “You gotta draw a line in the sand dude. Draw a line in the sand and say ‘what am i willing to put up with today? NOT FUCKING THIS”


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Vol’jin had been stabbed after he had rushed to Prince Anduin’s aid - a Felguard would have killed the boy had he not. While he was preoccupied, and the others were engaged in chaotic combat, another Felguard struck him through the abdomen. It was only a matter of time before he collapsed, but not after dispatching of both.

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