Marine so

I hate days like this

I feel every mile between us. Every day that we’ve been apart. I lay awake. And it crashes all around me. I feel like I can’t breath. Not knowing when I’ll see you again. I feel like a huge part of me is missing. And I’m never complete until I’m with you. I just want to be at the end of this where I’m coming home to you.

You know..sometimes I think about how lucky I am to have him

But then i start overthinking about how anyone else can be lucky too. He gives me no reason to feel this way, other than the fact that he has a heart of gold & he’s beyond handsome. I’m afraid that one day he’ll say, “we’re too young, i dont want you to wait forever” , or “go meet other people” …i’m only afraid because it’s too good to be true that this boy is truly & wholeheartedly committed to last relationship ended because he didn’t want to be serious or pretty much committed, & i really dont want it to happen again.

Ugh sometimes my mind is my worst enemy..but my❤️🤕. I want to be the lucky one, for forever.

I can't wait for the time when I can roll over at night when I wake up and feel you next to me. To have the ability to touch you, feel your warmth.. to be able to cuddle up against you and hear the slow beat of your heart. That's all I need.