Marine girlfriend

What’s great about love letters are that someone writes how much they love you in a single sheet of paper that they wouldn’t say in person so then you can read over and over again just like falling in love with them over again without needing them to be there physically with you in your mind while reading this sheet of paper you can hear their voice reading it to you and its like a part of them will always be there with you because they expressed their true feelings for you in a letter
—  Arlene Madrid
Nothing romantic about being in a relationship with a military

People romanticize military relationships when in reality there is nothing romantic about being forcefully separated from your other half for several months. There’s nothing romantic about lonely Friday nights and missed holidays. And there’s definitely nothing romantic about saying goodbye and walking away until next time. People need to stop acting like this is a game when so many people live this life everyday. We don’t put up with the hardship because we love “being in a military relationship”, we put up with the hardship because we love and support the men and women we fell in love with.