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Got inspired to finish the rest of the Same-Z shark group. Here is my rendition of Jinbei, the friendly whale shark :).

Original character by Moha Arimura! Check out her Twitter at

President Obama created the world’s largest marine reserve to preserve Hawaii’s waters

POTUS does it again.

On Friday, President Barack Obama showed more support for our environment by protecting a huge swath of waters around Hawaii as a national monument — effectively creating the world’s largest marine sanctuary, nearly 600,000 square miles.  

The Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument is home to more than 7,000 species, including whales and turtles listed on the Endangered Species Act, as well as coral reefs and various habitats.

During his more than seven years in office, Obama has created more national monuments than any other president in US history. 

Thanks for caring about our planet, B.O. We salute you!


Giant squids might be even bigger than we realized

According to research from Charles Paxton, fisheries ecologist and statistician at Scotland’s University of St. Andrews, published in the Journal of Zoology this month, the giant squid could grow to reach as much as 65 feet. But even that is a “conservative analysis,” as size could protect against their #1 predator.

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The Okeanos Explorer has discovered a very cute octopus at a depth of 4,290 metres.

This is the deepest an octopus of this particular sub order of octopus has ever been seen. 

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration noted this is a completely unsubscribed species and perhaps not belonging to any specific genus. Highlighting how little we still know about the creatures in the depths of our oceans.

(Ocean Explorer)


Great Barrier Reef by Yadegar Asisi 

About the project:

On a 1:1 scale, the Nature Panorama presents the unique underwater world of the coral reef off the coast of Australia in all its fragile beauty and complexity.

From a perspective below sea level, a dazzling display of colours encompassing the myriad shades of blue, azure and green is revealed. The fascinating underwater refraction of light immerses the submarine world of corals and marine creatures in bright coloured tones. In this 360° Panorama, Asisi’s artistic compaction creates an idealised habitat that would not be recognisable at a place and at the same time in this form. Only the Panorama makes possible a true perception of the diversity of corals, fish, marine turtles, starfish, aquatic plants and marine mammals living on the Great Barrier Reef.