Euphoria in Withdrawal (pt 3 of Rules of Recognition series)

Sebastian Stan x reader

Notes: fluff, smut, alcohol, swearing, public touchy-feely. 

Summary: you decide it’s Sebastian’s turn to have some fun.

A/N: Yes. I know; another series. What the hell am I getting myself into? And I noticed that it’s mainly smut. But I have a feeling that most of you wouldn’t really mind that.. neither do I ;)

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Singapore; you’d never been there before, but after setting only one foot on Singaporian soil, you knew you never wanted to leave. A cab took you and Sebastian to one of the most famous hotels in the world: the Marina Bay Sands. You’d heard about it before, and about the infinity pool on the rooftop. Apparently, it also included a club and a cocktailbar. You knew not to get used to it, the jet-set sort of lifestyle, but you were gonna enjoy it while you could.

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In all but name by -l- AJM -l-
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