Marigold Ice Unity


2015 World Synchronized Skating Championships

1. Nexxice (Canada 1) 2. Marigold Ice Unity (Finland 1) 3. Paradise (Russia 1) 4. Rockettes (Finland 2) 5. Surprise (Sweden 1) 6. Les Supremes (Canada 2) 7. Haydenettes (USA 1) 11. Boomerang (Sweden 2) 12. Jingu Ice Messengers (Japan) 13. Hot Shivers (Italy)

MIU's 10(ish)-Year Throwback

I got pretty excited when I saw Marigold’s 2013-2014 SP for the first time. For those who may not have been synchro savvy in 2002-2003, the beginning of Marigold’s new SP is the exact same as their iconic 2002-2003 Lion King LP. One big difference: they now have 16 skaters instead of 20! How cool would it be if every team remixed their greatest programs?


Gosh, I love this program…I used to miss the old judging system when it first went away, I think because everyone was focusing more on getting things called and understanding the system rather than having creative choreography. At first it was apparent that all teams’ programs were structured the same, and that they were all aiming for the same calls. BUT every year the coaches and choreographers get more and more creative with IJS, and every program is vastly different from one another. What do you think? Do you miss the old system or have you embraced IJS?