Among the merriest of his friends was George Hanger. As a captain in the Hessian Yagers, Hanger had been stationed in Savannah. When General Patterson had marched from Savannah to join Sir Henry Clinton for the attack on Charleston, Hanger had commanded a battalion of Hessians. When the British Legion joined Patterson’s corps at Beaufort, the commandant of the Legion renewed his friendship with the Captain.
—  The Green Dragoon: The Lives of Banastre Tarleton and Mary Robinson. (Page 85)

-girl photoshops her face onto the body of Mary Robinson and calls it “time traveller”
-I make joke about her going back in time to bang Ban Tarleton and Prinny(something Robinson actually did)
-girl gets super offended, says im “inappropriate” and blocks me
- ?? ?????? ?

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Mary Robinson, William Washington, Francis Marion

F - Billy Washington.

M - Mary Robinson.

K - The “Swamp Fox.”

Along the crowded streets I walk and think
How I, a shadow, pace among the shades,
For I and all men seem to me unreal :
Foam that the seas of God which cover all
Cast on the air a moment, shadows thrown
In moving westward by the Moon of Death.

~ Pulvis Et Umbra by Agnes Mary Frances Robinson


CARNIVAL SPOTLIGHT ◇ Toronto’s former reggae dancehall princess, Delia Chinn, is drawn back into a seductive party lifestyle when she meets Jessica & Victor, members of the “Groovy Massive” soca dance group. Although Delia’s self-esteem is on the rise, it’s at the expense of her relationship with Ryan and their five year marriage…a marriage that may not survive her first carnival season. ◇ A NOVEL BY STACEY MARIE ROBINSON ◇ AVAILABLE AT KYAPUBLISHING.COM (link in bio) ◇ $14.99 ◇ 174 Pages

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365 Day Movie Challenge (2015) - #198: The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935) - dir. Norman Taurog

Truly one of the stranger movies I’ve seen in my time, the only reasons to tune in are if you love George Burns and Gracie Allen (though for some reason George kicks Gracie quite a few times here - and it looked like it hurt), Jack Oakie’s goofy act and/or the wonderfully funny (and sadly short-lived) Lyda Roberti as a silly heiress. There’s an entertaining comic interlude with Charles Ruggles and Mary Boland, and some good song-and-dance numbers from Bing Crosby, Ethel Merman, Bill Robinson, Ina Ray Hutton (was she an inspiration for “Sweet Sue” and the all-girl orchestra in Some Like It Hot?) and the young Nicholas brothers (who actually have substantial roles in the film aside from their dancing), but the ridiculous plot makes the film feel like it drags on forever, much longer than the 97-minute running time. And you also have to witness the Amos ‘n’ Andy blackface schtick, which has some historical worth for its place in American pop culture history, but that sure doesn’t make it any easier to watch.

Queen Latifah And Mary J. Blige To Join NBC's 'The Wiz Live!'

Queen Latifah And Mary J. Blige To Join NBC’s ‘The Wiz Live!’

NBC just added two big names to the cast of their forthcoming live musical event “The Wiz Live!”

On Tuesday, the network announced megastars Queen Latifah and Mary J. Blige will join Stephanie Mills – who is set to play “Auntie Em” – and the rest of the cast of the network’s TV special. According to a press release, Queen Latifah will star as “the Wiz,” while Mary J. Blige will portray the role…

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