New Post has been published on NFL Draft Diamonds

New Post has been published on

Go Fund Me account has been set up for Adrian Robinson Jr.’s daughter Avery Marie

Today the coroner announced that former NFL linebacker Adrian Robinson Jr. had committed suicide at the age of 25. He leaves behind his princess Avery Marie.

Robinson Jr. played for many NFL teams and the University of Temple. Now there is a Go Fund Me account for his little daughter Avery Marie.


We feel horrible for the loss of Adrian Robinson Jr. and would like to make the GO Fund Me page available for the fans who once rooted for him. 

May God Bless the Robinson family for their loss and Avery Marie. 

Mideast experts blast European group's call to punish Israeli government

Responding to a group calling itself the European Eminent Persons Group on Middle East issues (EEPG),which urged the EU to take unilateral actions against the Jewish state for the stagnate peace process, Israeli experts leveled sharp criticism.

In an email to the Jerusalem Post on Friday, Prof. Gerald M. Steinberg , the president of the Jerusalem-based NGO Monitor, wrote, “Far from being a peace proposal, this is a re-statement of standard European mythology, which is based entirely on and reinforces the Palestinian narrative of unending conflict. This approach patronizes Palestinians, treating them like children incapable of moral behavior or of taking responsibility for their actions, while legitimate Israel security concerns are erased. As a result, Israelis and Palestinians alike do not take the EU seriously.”

Steinberg added “Many of the signatories made a bad situation worse while they held official positions. For example, Mary Robinson presided over the disastrous 2001 UN ‘Durban Conference’ which launched the Palestinian BDS and lawfare processes. And as the EU’s foreign policy czar, Javier Solana was repeatedly manipulated and exploited by [Yasser] Arafat. Under Solana, the EU secretly began to channels millions of Euros to anti-peace NGOs – a policy that continues to cause major damage.” Robinson and Solana signed the letter along with a group of former European diplomats and politicians from Germany, France, Portugal, the Netherlands and Austria.

The EEPG wrote that the EU should support in the UN Security Council “ a resolution that either calls for new negotiations and sets a mandatory deadline for the completion of an agreement to establish a two-state solution; or creates a greater equivalence between the Israeli and Palestinian parties, including through recognition of a Palestinian state and strong support for Palestine accession to international treaties and organizations.”

The group called for” EU-wide introduction of guidelines for correct labelling of settlement products, to be complemented by tougher measures to contain settlement expansion and steps to operationalize the EU’s policy of non-recognition of Israeli sovereignty beyond the 1967 borders across the full range of EU-Israeli relations.”

Ambassador Shimon Stein, who served as Israel’s Ambassador to Germany from 2001 to 2007, said by email to the Post, “What can I say, the fact that I cannot stand the members of the group of ‘Eminents ‘ ( a bunch of arrogant old timers) is irrelevant. Their letter together with other initiatives should be seen as a harbinger. If the Netanyahu government will not become pro active ,and if the status quo will continue then do expect such initiative to mount.There is a need for a process initiated by Israel in coordination with the US. Bottom line expect ‘eminents ‘ and others to feel the vacuum.“

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Today in Irish history: May 21st

1639 - Lord Deputy Thomas Wentworth imposes the Black Oath of loyalty to Charles I on all Ulster Scots over the age of 16

1745 - Count Daniel O'Connell, a soldier in French and British services, is born in Derrynane, Co. Kerry

1917 - Birth of tenor and comedian, Dennis Day, to Irish parents in New York, NY

1916 - Clocks and watches go forward one hour as the Daylight Saving Act (Summer Time) is introduced

1920 - James Plunkett, pseudonym of James Plunkett Kelly; novelist, is born in Dublin

1944 - Mary Robinson, lawyer, youngest ever Professor of Law at Trinity College Dublin; President of Ireland from 1990 to 1997; and United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, is born in Ballina, Co. Mayo

1980 - Taoiseach Charles Haughey and Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher meet in London (and later in Dublin on December 8), and agree to consider ‘the totality of relationships within these islands’

1981 - At 2:11 am, Raymond McCreesh dies on hunger strike in the Maze Prison. Later, the same day at 11:29 pm, he is joined in death by his friend and fellow hunger-striker, Patsy O'Hara

1999 - Bono and Larry appear on RTE’s “The Late Late Show” to present long-time host Gay Byrne with a black Harley Davidson as a going away present on his retirement

1999 - The Jack Lynch Tunnel, described as the most challenging civil engineering project in the history of the state, is unveiled by Taoiseach Bertie Ahern at the entrance of the tunnel in Mahon, Co. Cork

2000 - Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams sparks a new political storm when he makes it clear he could not call on republicans and nationalists to join the North’s proposed new police service

2000 - Demonstrators picket Drogheda Heritage Centre as the death mask of Oliver Cromwell is put on display where he is reputed to have massacred thousands of defenceless civilians

2000 - Thousands of Christians celebrate the jubilee year by coming together in parishes throughout the country for National Pilgrimage Day

2001 - The EU blue flag quality mark is awarded to 111 beaches around the coast for the cleanliness of the water. Ireland, at 91.7%, ranks fourth overall in the EU when it comes to blue flag beaches. The Netherlands comes first with 96%, followed by Greece with 95% and Italy, 92%

2001 - Former US president, Bill Clinton, is rumored to have been paid £100,000 by the chairman of Independent News and Media Sir Anthony O'Reilly to talk to a select gathering at Trinity College on this date 

2002 - Bono kicks off a 10-day four- nation tour of Africa in the company of US Treasury Secretary, Paul O’Neill

2003 - According to a new survey published in the Wall Street Journal, the Irish remain among the most contented races on Earth. The statistics on our generally sunny disposition appear to confirm the findings of another recent study - the World Happiness Survey - which places Ireland sixth in a league of 68 countries.

Deep in, there was a ravine. I liked to rein up on its high side, admiring the frightening detail of full-blown summer. Weed wands would bow to me. Flower spokes would wag, and tree boughs, hideously muscled, would reach for me or shrug indifferently. There were mosses, bright green, and freckled toadstool layered like spills of pancakes against the trunks of trees. Sometimes, over the gabbing and ticking of bugs, I would listen to a tractor’s thin ringing. Its noise pulsed every other second, saying nothing, which was best, for there weren’t any words I wanted to hear.
—  Mary Robinson, “In the Woods”

Michael Taylor Michael Taylor and his wife, Christine, lived in a small town in Great Britain called Ossett. The couple was very religious, and had joined a Christian prayer group lead by Marie Robinson. At one meeting in 1974, Christine Taylor accused her husband and Robinson of having an affair, which both people hotly denied. Michael Taylor then spewed obscenities and began acting extremely erratic and out of character, leading witnesses to think that he seemed possessed by evil. After months of crazy behavior, Taylor eventually consulted with clergy who performed an exorcism. The exorcism lasted for well over twenty-four hours, and the priests involved claimed to have removed forty demons from the man’s body. However, before he left, the priests warned him that the demon of murder remained dormant in his soul. As soon as Taylor arrived home, he brutally murdered his wife and their dog. He was later found wandering the streets, covered in blood. At his trial, he was acquitted by reason of insanity. (Source | Photo) - See more at:

How far we have come ...

20 years ago, a married couple in Ireland were unable to file for divorce, despite being separated for who knows how many years. In 1995 my parents went to the polls to change the constitution to allow friends and relations of theirs get divorced. Before 1980 contraceptives were illegal in Ireland, and were heavily regulated.

Before 1993, being gay in Ireland was a crime. It took Senator David Norris in 1983 (with the help of former president Mary Robinson) to challenge the legal status of Gays in Ireland in the supreme court, and it was only in 1988 that the European Court of Human Rights deemed Ireland’s laws in breach of the human rights convention. It wasn’t until 5 years later that Taoiseach, Albert Reynolds, reformed the laws, ensuring it was no longer a crime in Ireland to be gay.

Growing up, hearing my parents tell me these things, I found it incomprehensible that someone would be forced to remain married to someone they no longer loved. I found it incomprehensible that someone could face jail time simply for loving someone of the same gender.

It is my hope that, if and when I ever have kids and I tell them of days like today, the day Ireland said yes to love, and yes to equality, that they will find it incomprehensible that there was once a time when gay people couldn’t be married. That they will find the whole notion of denying someone the simple right to marry the person they love as alien as I find denying someone the right to divorce.

How far have we come? Within 22 years of homosexuality being decriminalised in Ireland, we now have equal rights to love and marriage in this country, and that is fucking incredible.

Now, I’m off to watch Eurovision and complete the rainbow festivities of this momentous day :D :D