Historical people as Animated characters!!

Marie Antoinette

Maximilien de Robespierre


Leonardo da Vinci

Mona Lisa


Benjamin Franklin

George Washington

Abraham Lincoln

Bill Clinton

Albert Einstein

Isaac Newton

Mahatma Gandhi

Vincent van Gogh

Ludwig van Beethoven

William Shakespeare

Jackie Robinson

from Mr. Peabody & Sherman


Marc Alaimo as Gul Macet [top pic], as Gul Dukat [middle-left], Mary Crosby as Natima Lang [middle-right], and Andrew Robinson, with makeup but without Garak’s clothes [bottom pic]. Makeup extends quite a way under the costume, to ensure that no ‘humanity’ shows up on camera.

The first Cardassian was Marc Alaimo, who later went on to play a Cardassian on Deep Space Nine. I already had a cast of Marc’s head from Lonely Among Us, a first-season role on TNG. […]

Marc has an extremely long neck. I was asked to come up with a concept for the Cardassians at a time when nobody really had any ideas about what they should look like. I knew what Marc Alaimo looked like, and I already had a cast of him. The producers told me they didn’t want a full head appliance for the Cardassian, but, following Gene’s rules, the Cardassian had to be humanoid looking and interact with the Starfleet personnel. I had to look for features that would define the Cardassian.

With Marc’s long neck, it screamed at me to do something with it. That’s where I began. I extended his look, which was a natural feature, almost into the look of a king cobra. This is how I combined an actor’s appearance with my file of recognizable animal shapes. The point of recognition was a deadly snake, which by the way, ultimately defined the essence of menace of the Cardassians.

I started with exoskeletal ridges of bone along the sides of the Cardassian neck, just like a snake, and connected them behind the ears. Then, to fill in the area between the ears and the jawline, we built up bony ridges, did away with the human nose completely, and then I had the forehead left. What was I going to do with the forehead?

A year before I did the Cardassians, I was going to a Thai restaurant in Studio City. There was an art gallery next door and inside was a big picture on the wall of a woman with a spoon in the middle of her forehead. I said to my wife ‘I’m going to remember this. Someday I’m going to use this.’

- Michael Westmore on the initial design of Gul Macet, the first Cardassian, played by Marc Alaimo.

The Cardassian makeup [in Deep Space Nine] is essentially the original makeup that Marc Alaimo wore in TNG, with the exception of the facial hair, which was removed. The makeup department added new molds and resculpted the shoulders, earpieces, and the noses, making them more in keeping with the serpentine look of the species, but nothing basic was changed between TNG and DS9.

— on Deep Space Nine Cardassians.

Source: Star Trek Aliens & Artifacts [Michael Westmore et al.] 2000