The Reed Plants Road

I’m a little more proud with this drawing! Sometimes I get a little hard on myself and my confidence drops really fast, so I think that everything that I do is just a mess and that I hurt people’s feelings/annoy everyone by talking about my problems or obsessions haha :D.

But anyway hope you like this drawing! Don’t be afraid of pointing some detail or to make a suggestion. I’m here to listen :DD

okay i just got back from being out and i need a nap because omg lots of walkingggggg. so im gonna do that but  in the meantime i have a few options for fallon’s new face, not just gal gadot and margot robbie SO take a look at the list below and leave a comment as to who you think?

- gal gadot
- margot robie
- marie avgeropoulos
- crystal reed
- holland roden
- christian serratos
- teresa palmer

so yeah…tell meeee?