The Burrprint • Tumblr IRL • 8/10/15 • Brooklyn, NY

A very special Tumblr IRL, celebrating the story and influence of Gucci Mane, as told through the eyes of camkirk, yungjake, destructivetendencies, robertgallardo, trereising, gangsterdoodles, troubleandrew, alexsheriff, artguillory, bnardartwork and rxmcri.

Performances by tm808mafia, Rome Fortune, a.k.a. cowboypimpin, and farrington-g.

Curated by electriccircusco. Photography by laurajunekirsch

The Burrprint • Tumblr IRL

Tumblr IRL has taken on a new twist, as TWELVE unique creators unite to celebrate the story and influence of Atlanta’s visionary trapfather, Gucci Mane. You can watch it all go down online over at theburrrrprint. But if you can make it to New York next week, and we recommend you do, you are in for a very special, one-night-only event.

An artist’s story has never been told like this. 

Monday, August 10th, 2015 @ 7pm
50 N 3rd St.
Brooklyn, NY

FREE / 21+


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