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Despite Floyd Mayweather proudly supporting Donald Trump , black people still stood behind him when he fought Connor Mcgregor. Black men are so protected in the community no matter how problematic. They can team with racist white men & promote oppression & our community will ride or die with them still. Meanwhile black people do not do this for black women. Imagine if Serena supported Trump? They'd be cheering on Maria Sharapova against her, Look at how we did Stacy Dash! (yes she still trash)

ALL of this!

Floyd is an abusive piece of shit but I guess he gets a pass because he won a fight against a white guy.

But did you see how the black community treated Chrisette Michele though? Damn near ripped the girl head off because she performed at the inauguration. She never said that she supported Trump, she simply went to get her coins and go home. Yet, they revoked her “black card”. WELL, WHEN THE FUCK ARE YALL GOING TO REVOKE FLOYD’S BLACK CARD? Oh, that’s right, NEVER! He’s a black hetero male. His support from the black community is endless.