The World's Highest-Paid Female Athletes 2014
The top ten earned $142 million with tennis players dominating the action.
By Kurt Badenhausen

Serena Williams has more singles titles than Sharapova has singles, doubles, and mixed doubles titles combined. (Venus does, too.) Serena has won 20 singles grand slams and 13 doubles in 16 years. Sharapova has won 5 and 0 in 11 years. Serena has 1 Olympic gold medal for singles and 3 for doubles. (Venus also has 1 and 3.) Sharapova has none and none. Sharapova is the No. 2 ranking player in the world. Serena is the No. 1.

“But Sharapova’s off-court earnings were double what the world’s top-ranked player made. Serena has dominated her sport since turning pro in 1995.”

Sharapova was #34 on the 2014 list of top paid athletes. Serena was at #55.


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                                    Tradition, timeless, immortal… Wimbledon.