Margo Dunne


Go firmly believes that I got the best of everything from our parents, that I was the boy planned on, the single child they could afford, and that she sneaked into this world by clamping onto my ankle, an unwanted stranger. (For my dad, a particularly unwanted stranger.) She believes she was left to fend herself throughout childhood, a pitiful creature of random hand-me-downs and forgotten permission slips, tightened budgets and general regret. This vision could be somewhat true; I can barely stand to admit it.


[Amy’s] the only child of two very sort of demanding parents, who’d created a book based on her childhood, and yet they’d taken her childhood and improved upon it. So Amy had, in a way, a twin. But not a twin you could healthily compete with…a twin who was a fiction, and was constantly there to make you feel inadequate.

Carrie Coon: I mean, [Go’s] being tested, for sure, but deep down in her core she thinks she knows what [Nick’s] capable of.
Ben Affleck: You get a sense that she loves him no matter what.
Carrie Coon: Yeah, like, she’ll handle it.
Ben Affleck: You’ve got family, and they’re there for you, even if you didn’t – even if you made a really bad mistake. They still love you, and they’re still with you.

 "I’ve never felt terribly attached to acting because I always feel like the world is really big and really interesting, and there are a lot of places that I can put my energy and be fulfilled. I’m not worried about it. But for now it’s really fun. I have to remind myself how long I’ve been doing it, because it still feels like just this little lark I went on when I went to graduate school. It used to be a side trip, but now it’s the main road. I have to remind myself that this is what’s happening.“


“Remember that game you always played with Mom when we were little: Would you still love me if? Would you still love me if I smacked Go? Would you still love me if I robbed a bank? Would you still love me if I killed someone?”
I said nothing. My breath was coming too fast.
“I would still love you,” Go said.