How did you feel when you went away to work, Daddy? Your conscience must have been eating you alive. Calling your secretary from a hotel to pick out a birthday present for me? I’m sure you were SICK. It’s not that hard, Daddy. He’ll be fine.

-Margaret in Mad Men season 7

Margaret’s response to Roger’s anger about her abandoning her son is so fascinating I’m going to let it speak for itself
Elizabitch Taylor: Mad Men, or, "Daddy Issues: The TV Show"

As promised, my take on the Roger/Margaret plot from Sunday’s episode of Mad Men:

Roger doesn’t know quite what do do with Margaret, a daughter, because he never wanted a daughter. A son, he could commiserate with and raise in his own image, but with Margaret he’s faced with a dilemma: does raise her to be used by men the way he uses women, or does he warn her against such men, which would require some reflection on his part and admittance to misdeeds? The answer that he comes to, of course, is neither. He chooses to give up on parenting Margaret entirely.