Interview with Ricardo Kakà and Marco Materazzi (x)

0.38 which one of you is more beautiful?
Marco Materazzi: Him
Ricardo Kakà: me
0.45 Kakà convince everyone that you’re not as good as they say:
Kakà: I am what I am…
0.52 Exchange of roles, Materazzi try to be polite and Kakà pissed.
-There’s one that you don’t pass the ball:
M: patience…
K: give me the ball ooh!
-There is someone pouring coffee on you:
K: be careful, damn!
M: don’t worry, my wife will wash the shirt!
-There is one that put his hand on your ass:
K: are you gay?
M: noo!
-Why women like you so much?
K: it’s a mystery
M: And where are they?
1:23 How to overcome Materazzi?
K: in speed
How to overcome Kakà?
1:59 What do you think when Kakà dribling you?
M: and now what?
When Materazzi steals the ball:
K: you bastard!
2.25 What do you say to Gattuso that admits to being homosexual?
K: good luck!
M: Ringhio I can’t believe it!
Moratti who don’t have the money to pay coffee for you:
M: controls well that’s got something in his pocket
K: I offer you President
2:42 Who of your teammates has the longest pea?
K: Clarence
more smelly breath
K: none
M: When he eat Brazilian food, Julio Cesar
And who is the most beautiful?
M: Figo
Kaka: me
Who is the ugliest?
K: Gattuso
M: Julio Cesar
Who is the most skinflint?
M: Julio Cesar, he hasn’t even the clock
K: Dida, doesn’t offer anything when it’s his birthday
The most asshole?
M: No, I can’t say it
K: The more shit in a good way? Billy (Alessandro Costacurta)
The most complainer?
K: Nesta
M: we don’t have any fortunately
The match that made you despair:
M: May 5, Inter lost, we lost the Scudetto
K: the final in Istanbul
What did you think after that match?
K: we got there so close and then we lost
M: when I happen?
Why Inter never win?
K: mystery
M: We are losers
5:20 A quality of the other:
K: a big heart
M: everything
A defect of the other:
M: I should see you naked
K: sometimes the nastiness on the field
Confess to him a secret:
K: we’ll win Friday
M: My son is crazy by you, he is in love with you and is Milanista.

Countdown to the World Cup - 8 Days

France captain Zinedine Zidane headbutts Italy’s Marco Materazzi in the chest during the 2006 World Cup final in Berlin in one of the most infamous moments in World Cup history.

Referee Horacio Elizondo was informed of the incident by the fourth official despite not seeing the incident, and showed Zidane a red card.

It was claimed months later that Materazzi had insulted Zidane’s sister before the headbutt, but the sending-off proved to be the final chapter in Zidane’s glittering career for France.