The children of glory – the urchins from the Corvin köz

The revolt began on 23rd October 1956 as a student demonstration, which attracted thousands as it marched through central Budapest to the Parlament. For the calling about 20 000 people answered, demanding our freedom. The delegation of the university students entered the building of the radio, attempting to broadcast its demands, but it was detained. When the delegation’s release was demanded by the demonstrators outside, they were fired upon by the that time State Security Police, (ÁVH) from within the building. The revolt spread quickly across the country, and the government fell. After announcing a willingness to negotiate a withdrawal of Soviet forces from Hungary, the Politburo changed its mind, and moved to crush the revolution. On 4 November, a large Soviet force invaded Budapest and other regions of the country. Hungarian resistance continued until 10 November. Over 2,500 Hungarians were killed, and 200,000 Hungarians fled as refugees. Mass arrests and denunciations continued for months thereafter. By January 1957, the new Soviet-installed government had suppressed all public opposition.
Armed civilians in the Corvin Cinema and surrounding buildings began to fight with the Soviet armoured forces as early as the night of October 23–4. Taking advantage of the area’s excellent strategic conditions, the rebels of the Corvin Passage (Corvin Köz) soon became the Uprising’s biggest and most important armed revolutionary group. The 80 percent of the revolutioners here were children, just urchins under 20. They figthed the last ditch – setting off 17 tanks of the 33. division of the Soviet Army in a day. Dr. Pestessy József’s memoir you can read about them like this: „The children, with burns on their handflats caused by the „Molotov-coctails” (elementary bombs made from bottles filled with gasoline) came one after other into the aidpost, but left immediately after dressing their wounds. They started to fight again saying, we continue until we can toss…”
The statue of the „Urchin of Pest” erected in the Corvin köz became a symbol of the little heroes. Also bittersweet jokes tend their memory: „Why soviets attacks always in dawn?Because children still sleep.” Sleep placidly children of glory, we will never forget you!

Corruption of the russian authorities and oppression of citizens are something a typical Russian has got used to since the reign of Vladimir Putin. However, there’re still a big mass of people who aren’t indifferent and aren’t going to surrender to all the injustices that are happening in Russia.

Yesterday on the 7th of October on the birthday of Putin they showed their faces throughout the whole Russia. The trigger to be up in arms again against the current government was the unjust arrest of the opposition leader Alexey Navalny, who is leading a presidential campaign and finds a lot of support in the whole Russia.

The main rallies were hold in Moscow and Saint Petersburg where thousands of people were marching on the central streets chanting “Free Navalny”, “Russia without Putin”, Happy birthday" (an irony to Putin’s jubilee).

It’s important to note that the police
were especially fierce and cruel: there were a few cases when people got serious injuries from the hands of police officers.

What distinguishes yesterday’s rallies from others is that it’s not ended. People hope that they can turn the rally into something bigger and more serious. Today in Moscow in Manezhnaya Square people are going to continue their demonstrations and are ready to stay for the night. The first demonstrators were already arrested. The organisators have started a campaign to collect food and warm clothes. The same kind of action is going to be held in Saint Petersburg.

The authorities are currently acting most fiercely and are not ashamed of violating the Russian Constitution and people’s liberty.

Seems like Pandora’s box was opened.. Well, let’s see what the future holds for  freedom-loving Russians.

maybe in another life

Steve/Tony, MCU, post-Infinity War, major angst.
Warnings for character death and mental illness.

When Steve thought back to that day, he memories felt unreal, as if he were watching a movie about someone else’s life.

He’d seen Thanos grab Tony by the neck. He heard the tortured wrenching of the armor even over the sounds of the battle. Thanos had looked down at Tony with a distasteful grimace and tossed him aside with no more consideration than if he were swatting a fly.

Steve had seen Tony flying through the air, impacting a concrete wall hard enough to smash it, heard the sickening screech as rubble and debris rained down on top of him.

He vaguely remembered sprinting towards the pile, throwing chunks of concrete and metal aside, digging until his knuckles bled and stuck to the inside of his gloves.

But mostly he remembered that when he found Tony, his armor was split by deep, ugly gashes and the ground beneath his body was stained crimson.

The arc reactor had sputtered and gone dim, and when he ripped the faceplate off the suit, Tony’s eyes were blank and vacant, staring at nothing. He wasn’t breathing.

He’d heard someone yelling, then realized it was him. The sounds of battle faded into the background as he stared in horror at the crushed shell of Tony’s armor lying in a pool of blood.

It might have been hours later that he felt a hand on his shoulder. The streets around them were quiet and it was dark. “Steve,” Natasha said, wiping her eyes on her sleeve, “He’s gone, Steve.”

No, Steve decided. No, he would not accept this. Not when they had finally managed to mend the rift between them, to start trusting each other and working together again. Not when they had only just found their way back to each other.

He was going to save Tony. He was Captain America, and saving people was what he did.

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Last week my band had the honor of marching down Main Street at Walt Disney World. It was one of the best experiences of my life and a memory I will surely not forget. I encourage everyone to go on a school trip of some kind at some point. I wish this experience on everyone.
Thousands march against Trump in Mexico City: 'Pay for your own wall!'
By Patrick J. McDonnell

Tusands of demonstrators waving Mexican flags and hoisting signs denouncing President Trump marched through central Mexico City on Sunday, the largest mobilization so far here against what many label an anti-Mexican administration in the White House.

“We are not against the American people. This is about Trump, who is spreading hate and division,” said Maria Garcia, a former resident of Chicago who carried an unflattering, papier-mache likeness of the U.S. president as she marched through the Mexican capital.

While Trump was the main target, many participants also carried signs and chanted slogans against Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Coordinated protest marches also took place Sunday in other Mexican cities, including Tijuana, Monterrey, Merida and Morelia.

Protesters in Mexico City hoisted signs declaring, “Respect Mexico” and “We are all Mexico” as they marched down Paseo de la Reforma, the capital’s elegant, tree-lined main street.


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“Who in the world am I?  Ah, that is the great puzzle!” (“Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”)  Central Park’s “Alice In Wonderland” is one of the most popular sculptures in New York City.  This was a rare moment without any children (or adults) climbing on it:)  “The purpose of life is: "Who am I? Why am I here? Where am I going?  That’s what we need answered.” (George Harrison)  (Photo taken on March 25, 2014)


“My adventures in Wonderland began when I followed a strange man through the curious blue box. And all of the sudden I fell! Down, down down…”

Alice cosplayed by hollylovescatz

Central Women’s School of Sniper Training, 1943

(Armed with Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 Sniper Rifles)

The Mosin-Nagant Model 1891 bolt-action rifle combined a simple design by Russian Captain Sergei Mosin with a five-round internal box magazine designed by Belgians Émile and Léon Nagant. Entering Russian service in 1892, it remained the standard long arm of the Russian infantry through the Russo-Japanese War, World War I and, in its improved 1930 Soviet version, World War II.

In 1932 the Red Army pulled Mosin-Nagants from assembly lines to modify them as sniper rifles. Gunsmiths reconfigured the bolt handle to make room for 3.5–4x telescopic sights; raised the foresight a millimeter, allowing a sniper to use open sights on targets out to 600 meters; and lightened the trigger pull to a range of 4.4 to 5.3 pounds. Snipers still complained about the weapon’s excessive length and weight, as well as its poor quality wooden stocks, which often warped during weather changes.

In March, 1942 a Central Women’s School of Sniper Training was established in Vishniaki, a village 8.7 miles outside Moscow. The school recruited women aged 18-26, physically fit, with at least seven years of education. School Director was Nora P. Chegodayeva, a graduate of the famous Frunze Military Academy who had fought as a communist volunteer in the Spanish Civil War. By the end of the war, the school graduated 1,885 snipers and instructors.

Women were thought to make good snipers, because they could endure stress and cold better than men, and they had “more patience” to wait for the perfect shot. A special few achieved recognition and fame.

(Colorized by Olga Shirnina from Russia)


Tens of thousands of people dressed in black have marched through Mexico City in the largest demonstration yet against the government’s response to the disappearance and probable massacre of 43 student teachers on Sep26. The march was marked by an outbreak of violence as a small group of protesters clashed with riot police in the city’s central Zócalo plaza.
Nov21 2014