BIG ANNOUNCEMENT this #SMT - We are excited to release the dates of all our major demonstrations at Marineland for #OP2NDCHANCE! 
please SHARE this image, tell your friends and mark these days on your calendars. stay tuned here for additional information and event pages. Let’s make this year the best yet- and hopefully the last!


Holy moly, a fellow protester made this AWESOME video of March on Marineland! Please enjoy & share.This gives me goosebumps. :D


Exactly three months from today we will take to the streets of Niagara Falls to demand an end to captivity at #Marineland Canada. Will you join us? 

Below is the launch of our march specific site - stay tuned to it for updates and use it as a resource. #endcaptivity #OP2NDChance 

Also, the facebook event page to RSVP/INVITE/SHARE can be found here -

Event website here -


Go here: HTTP:// and watch us fight for Kiska and all the other captive animals at MarineLand.
Our group (about 900 strong according to Facebook) will march through downtown Niagara Falls with a marching band and megaphones making A LOT OF NOISE until we reach MarineLand where we will continue protesting peacefully for a couple hours.

I ask you to please support us and reblog this like crazy, tweet it, just raise awareness for the disgusting animal abuse going on at ML. Thank you!

Today was amazing.

Hundreds of people, parents, young kids, babies, older folks, teenagers, protesting in solidarity against the animal abusers at Marineland Canada.
The main roads were closed to allow us to march through downtown Niagara Falls, chanting and screaming. All around us were people filming on their phones or cheering us on. Im sure will be lots of youtube videos! We arrived at ML, which is on a main road, and all the passing cars honked their support.

It was just awesome. I can’t wait to do it again next weekend for Empty the Tanks!

Press Release for March on Marineland!

Read the press release for the upcoming opening day demonstration, March on Marineland.

With about 900 confirmed attendees so far, we will be marching through downtown Niagara Falls joined by a marching band, and continuing the demo outside of Marineland. “Marineland Mom” Jennifer Jamieson will be speaking and Ric O'Barry hopes to make an appearance again.

MAD E-News: We Did It! Hundreds Marched on Marineland!

Hey MAD'rs, 

Last Saturday the captive animal facility Marineland Canada opened for its 53rd season and it was met with the first ever march through downtown Niagara Falls onto the facility! Hundreds took to the streets of Niagara Falls - marching from HWY 420 and through the tourist district - to let the public know that we want an end to animal captivity! 

The crowd was electric - driven by chants and a marching band - and the impact was undeniable. A new chapter in the 40+ years of opposition to Marineland has begun. 

Some of the best photos of the day are attached and links to some of the best media coverage is below. 

A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered, participated and supported the #MarchOnMarineland. This could not have happened without a massive team effort and we are so grateful for all of the support! 

Marineland Wildlife “Dying” to Entertain You (Now Magazine)

My Daughters First Visit to Marineland (Niagara At Large)

March On Marineland (Video - The Indignants) -

A reminder to everyone that this weekend we follow this up with our demonstration on site as part of “Empty the Tanks” - please come out and support this global day of protest against animal captivity! 

Empty the Tanks -

xo, Marineland Animal Defense 

Photo Cred: Truly Organic Foods

Photo Cred: nataliec98