“A Little Piece of Heaven” has won the 2016 Avenged Sevenfold March Mania Song Tournament Championship! Here’s a special thank you to everyone that joined in on the fun.

March Mania is upon us! As the teams battle for the championship title, we’ve been busy at our Race & Sports Book, SCORE. We visited one of our writers, Sam, to get the scoop on the hoops.
Q: Who’s the big dog and who’s the underdog this year?
A: The big dog right now would be North Cal and the biggest underdog would probably be Ohio U.
Q: How can you tell?
A: The bracket tells you everything you need to know.
Q: What’s the most money you’ve ever gotten on one bet?
A: I’ve gotten about $20,000 before.
Q: Wow, did they win?
A: *Chuckle* Nah, sorry to say, they lost.
Q: Does anyone ever ask you your opinion on teams?
A: Constantly! They always ask, “So what’s the inside edge?” I tell them, “The same info you know, we know.”
Q: That’s a great answer. Who’s your favorite basketball player ever?
A: I’d still say MJ, Michael Jordan. “His Airness” is great. He was my era. If I was born earlier, I’d probably go with another guy, but since I’m an 80’s baby…
Q: If you had to choose one person at Monte Carlo to win a basketball game for you, who would you choose?
A: Well, I heard Anton got game, I would choose him. *Laughs*

Good luck to the March Maniacs this weekend!