March 2012

Okay, so, this face has become SO iconic as the representative Harry’s-scrunchy-nose-to-contain-the-fond-face that I almost forgot what Harry was reacting to here:

And I’m just so ahgjfh it’s THIS line that totally breaks his ability to keep his cool (I mean, he wasn’t doing a very good job before or after but he totally loses it here) and how it’s this ongoing, years-long joke with Louis. Because the other time we see the story, Louis says almost the same thing:


Like… it must be the line that comes up in all his Donny Dome stories, “two stories of ice skating”, and I’m just SO BEYOND ENDEARED that four years later, Harry literally can barely contain himself when Louis is doing his bit. Like, it’s a bit, right?? Harry has heard him do this many times and he still is over there not being able to control his face because he wants to laugh so bad. That’s love.


J&R Signing - 12 March 2012 - “Where do you want to sit?”

In working on my March 2012 timeline, I watched this video a lot. “A lot.” It’s always been a little confusing to me, because I thought Harry’s reaction to “You cant’ sit together” was 1) really out of character insomuch as it was pretty dismissive for this polite boy and, most importantly, 2) they still sat together

Here’s what happened: 

Harry [to Louis]: Where do you want to sit?

Louis [to Harry]: Next to you.

Harry [to someone off camera]: Which way are they [the fans] coming from? This end? [Harry gestures to the end of the table behind him and person confirms] Ok.

The “You can’t sit (stand?) together” was said off camera, perhaps to some fans who were blocking an aisle, and not directed at Harry. 

So, let me tell you why this is so significant to me.

Harry asked Louis “Where do you want to sit?” to which Louis said “Next to you.” Louis was taking Harry’s question literally, which is pretty cute because NEXT TO YOU. But Harry didn’t mean “Louis, where do you want to sit?” He was asking “Where are we going to sit?” Which is one of the more significant and obvious things he’s ever said to indicate he thinks of him and Louis as a package deal.

This was a standard and traditional couple’s question. Think of a couple on a date at a movie theater. They walk in, one asks the other “Where do you want to sit?” At a dinner party with friends, it’s the same thing.

Harry was asking his boyfriend where they were going to sit.

That brings me to Harry asking from which direction the fans would be filing past them.  Let me share my theory with you.Harry has been described as task-oriented and, in my opinion, is a conciliatory and strategic person by nature. Perhaps not as strategic as Louis, especially at this time, but smart enough to play the game to his greatest benefit, which would be to sit next to Louis.

Given the time period, in which things were growing more tense surrounding Harry and Louis and the nature of their relationship, I think Harry was trying to win (sit next to Louis) through appeasement (doing so in such a way as to draw the least amount of negative attention from their handlers). 

They had done numerous signings up until this point, including several in the days leading up to and after this particular signing. In most signings, Harry and Louis sat next to each other (duh). But it was often in the middle or on the end, which created a bottleneck effect of fans due to the Harry & Louis Bubble Effect. They would get too into each other, too cocooned in their own world. Think Virgin Signing in France a month before this with the cute lamp shade stuff.

I think it’s possible Harry asked where the fans were coming from and chose the beginning of the line because he and Louis would still get to sit together, but with a constant moving stream of people, would be less likely to draw attention to their inevitable interaction. 

In conclusion, Harry asked his boyfriend where they were going to sit, no one said they couldn’t sit next to each other, and Harry perhaps strategically chose their position at the table to appease their handlers. 

Elvis Duran Interview: 14 March 2012

For timeline purposes, I wanted to point out some significant moments in the Elvis Duran in the Morning interview from 14 March 2012. 

The obvious one.

Leading up to this moment, there was a lot of “girl talk,” focusing especially on Harry. Harry danced around a lot, trying not to answer definitively on if the band shared a similar taste in women (“Some of us share similar tastes…”) before finally getting backed into a corner by one of the female jockeys who said “Would you hit it [Sofia Vergara]?” And Harry said “Yes.” Liam looked at Harry a little surprised and amused and Louis nodded awkwardly once and then looked down, quiet as he listened to the next question…which was “Would you ever date a fan?” They all kind of side-stepped that one.

Elvis: Oh, you guys are so busy, you don’t have time to date.

Louis: We’ve got girlfriends. Thanks a lot, man.

Elvis: “You do? You’re on the road and you’re being VERY faithful, just in case they’re listening in.”

Harry: [Grins]

Louis: [Nods] Yeah. [Louis leans over to look at Harry]

“So to speak.”

Right after that, they are asked about their rise to fame and how they deal with it, and Louis says “We’re just kind of enjoying the ride.” And then mumbles quietly “So to speak.” And looks at Harry with a little smirk.

“Harry does sometimes." Elvis asks why they are so popular.

Harry: We’re the kind of boys you go to school with, we pick the bras up on stage. We’re not really completely clean cut.” (they had been talking about underwear being thrown on stage before this);

Elvis: And then you put them on.

Harry: We put ‘em on. [Looks right at Louis] No, we don’t really put them on.

Louis: [Quietly] Harry does sometimes.

“We’ve been told that in the past.”

On March 12, at an after party for their gig at Radio City Music Hall, Louis and Harry caused thousands of dollars of damage to a bowling lane by throwing too many balls down it at once.

Elvis said his friend owned the bowling alley and asked who was responsible. Zayn and Liam say it was all Louis’ idea.

Louis: Surprisingly, actually, it wasn’t just me. Me and Harry kind of got a little bit bored together and decided to start throwing-at one point, there was three balls that was behind the thing. But normally, when you’ve done that in the past, it kind of like, hits the bar and it’s fine. But this hit it and it came off it’s hinges and it was all a bit messy.

Harry: It just proves the American bowling lanes aren’t really up to scratch.“

The hosts all begin yelling.

Louis: Fair comment. Fair comment.

Elvis:  No what it really proves is you boys need to control your balls a little bit.”

Louis: We’ve been told that in the past. 

So much great stuff going on this day which took place in the middle of SO MUCH GREAT STUFF. The story of March 2012. 

Justin says he reads Selena’s scripts for her movies during his interview on Ryan Seacrest (March 26, 2012)  

Ryan: I know that Selena is away doing Spring Breaker. Is that the movie she doing ?

Justin: Right Now. No, no she is doing that right now.  She’s killing it. She is having so much fun she’s doing it with James Franco and other people. She’s really excited.

Ryan: Do you read her scripts.

Justin: ah yeah she gives them to me to read.

"I don't mind sharing mate, that's why."

I found a new angle of the “Sharing is caring and charity starts at home!” moment from Q102 on March 17, 2012 in Philadelphia. 

I’ve always been annoyed we couldn’t see their hands behind Liam’s back so I went digging.

All the fringed, clean shaven Louis love to Cristina who made these gifs

The host had asked if they have any bad habits and Niall exclaims passionately about how Harry steals food, to which Liam agrees and provides a vivid example involving chips/crisps. Harry begins to defend himself and Louis interrupts him to say “Harry. Harry. Harry. Do you know what the difference is? I don’t mind sharing, mate, that’s why.”

Which begs the question: to what difference was Louis referring? The difference between the way the other boys treat Harry and the way Louis treats Harry? Like they treat each other differently in important and significant ways? YOU DON’T SAY, LOUIS? 

Naturally, Harry reaches out for Louis when Louis defended him. But the way they touch isn’t exactly a laddy dude bro pal hand shake. Louis grabs Harry’s wrist and does something akin to when he slid his hand across Harry’s palm in Germany in late 2012

It’s easy to miss Liam telling Louis “You said this the other day!” meaning Louis said Harry was horrible at stealing food. Which is just another instance in a mile long list of instances where it’s ok for Louis to tease Harry for something but no one else.

Harry’s finger point and “Yes!” and Louis when Liam says that is also one of the more married things they’ve ever done.