Don’t say, “I sympathize, that’s quite enough, and the rest is no concern of mine.” Because you will be killed, deported, or tortured as a sympathizer just as easily as if you were a militant. Act: your risk will be no greater, and you will at least share in the peace at heart that the best of us take with them into the prisons.
—  Albert Camus, Camus at Combat (March 1944)

So I’m sort of obsessed with the Samwell Women’s Volleyball team. Cp can be a bit of a sausage fest, and just, lady athletes are awesome… also I have found through my research that volleyball butts can definitely rival hockey butts o_o

I was inspired by @abermb and @asterlark‘s posts about the team (here and here) and @abermb was also kind enough to describe to me what their wonderful OC’s look like so I’m absolutely going to draw some of them too! I meant to post them all at the same time but I’ve been super slow. So, starting with our canon volleyball girls: April, March, and Caitlin.