BISMARCK / The Uruguayan Spiderman | Marcelo Isarrualde

Bismark Pino was raised by his aunt, like Spiderman. At that time, his parents were alive, but he only met his mother in his teens.

Being an orphan created him a trauma and to meet his mother was a great disappointment. Nevertheless, soon after he met her, he decided to take over the role of Spiderman and his life changed. His work consists in orientating children and parents on how important it is to have a good relationship inside the family. He has been doing this for 15 years and he will continue to do so for the rest of his life.

To earn a living he goes every day to Rodó Park dressed up as Spiderman and he charges some money to let parents take a picture of him with the children with a Polaroid camera he carries. During the two minutes of the development he talks with them about the idea of the family, which he did not enjoy in his childhood. He knows he is not Spiderman, but he feels strong when he is dressed up as the character and the character lets him talk to people about his favourite subject, family.