“Pinkelnde Petra”, 2010

Art scandal in Dresden: Marcel Walldorf received an art award for his cop-puller “Peeing Petra” - and the “image” and the CDU already raging: “This so-called work of art is a disgrace. It is an insult to the police. I am shocked that there are bodies, such so-called artists give the prices, "said the Interior of Saxony. 2 photos

Peepee Art

“The artist is exploring a taboo zone. ‘Petra’ is not a provocation,” she said. “It is an observation of society.”

Your eyes do not deceive you this is the latest art craze/controversy in Germany; a silicone statue of a woman police officer urinating known as “Petra.”

How is this not a provocation? It’s a policewoman committing a crime—public urination and possibly public intoxication too. I guess this portrays a lesser of two evils, since she is in riot gear so I am guessing she’s trying to control a riot, but then nature called. Just goes to show whether you are rioting or just looking out for the public’s safety when you got to go…you got to go.