Mighty Moments In Slash History Special: And Allegorical Lesbians for All

In a recent Mighty Moments post, I mentioned the fact that allegories in art were often an excuse to show girls kissing. As further evidence of this, here are details from ten different paintings on the same theme: an Allegory of Peace and Justice (click on the pictures for the artists and titles). Somehow, all ten artists have independently chosen to depict Peace and Justice as two ladies in various states of canoodle. Coincidence or artistic convention providing a paper-thin pretext for same-sex sauciness? You decide, viewers.

If you’re wondering which goddess is which, Justice tends to carry a balance, a sword or the fasces as her symbol; she generally wears a crown and occasionally a blindfold. Peace can be identified by her olive branch or wreath, sometimes accompanied by a cornucopia or a caduceus. But whatever their accoutrements, the message remains clear: until Sapphic snuggling becomes a global priority, there will never be true peace and justice in the world…