Terry Gross To Marc Maron: ‘Life Is Harder Than Radio’

Maron: You’ve mastered and defined something that is uniquely yours that has been done by many people for centuries probably and you set the standard for what an interview is and how to put one together on radio or anywhere.

Gross: Thank you.

Maron: And you know, you are what I think most people—you are home to most people when it comes to NPR, that your voice is more comforting than probably any voice in their lives, I would probably say.

Gross: That’s really nice of you to say.

Maron: And now I don’t know why I’m tearing up. Jesus Christ.

Gross: Can I just say something about you?

Maron: What?

Gross: I really, I just love your work so much and I’ve learned from listening to you in your podcast because you’re just so present, you’re so in the moment with people and you have such interesting taste. I love hearing you talk about the music that you love and your interest in [Jack] Kerouac and that you know who Herbert Huncke is, you know all this stuff and you don’t do it in a know-it-all way, you just kind of slip it in to get more out of them. I mean that in the best sense, that’s what an interviewer should do. And the other thing is, you’re no bullshit—you’re just no bullshit, you’re no bullshit in your comedy, you’re no bullshit when you’re talking to other people.

Maron: I don’t think you are either, Terry Gross.

Gross: And I just want to say, the reason why I was comfortable enough to tell you and everyone else here the things that I told you tonight is that I trust you and that you’re no bullshit and I couldn’t look you in the eye and not tell you the truth.


This holiday brings out the boldness in all of us.

Roses are red. Violets are blue. V-day is here, so wear something new. This day is ripe for bold experimentation in all forms. No matter what kind of date you have planned, make sure you’ve swiped on the right lip look. BECKY PEDERSON

IF YOU JUST MET ON TINDER… Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick in Backstage Bambi
Sure, you don’t know his last name or what he does for a living, but you’re not going to let those details stop you from having a little fun. This fearless pop of hot pink will keep your lips supple with powerful antioxidants infused in its budge-proof formula. It gives off a subtle crème brûlée scent that’s sure to captivate your date. Pro tip: When he asks what you’re wearing that smells so sweet, say it’s just your natural aroma, kiss him gently on the lips, and then run off into the night.

IF YOUR MOM SET YOU UP… Bite Butter Cream Lipstick in Caramel
On the one hand, his Facebook profile picture is really cute. On the other hand, your mom met him in her Singles’ Baking Club. You’re about to meet either the man of your chocolate chip–speckled dreams…or a boring weirdo. It’s just really too close to call here. Since you might have to cut and run, go with a low-maintenance, neutral look. You’ll still look as great as you would in a brighter color, and if the date is a bust, at least you’ll be treating your lips to a healthy dose of antiaging resveratrols.  

IF YOU’VE BEEN DATING FOR A MILLION YEARS… Fresh Sugar Rosé Extreme Lip Treatment
You’re probs getting married someday, but your level of comfort doesn’t mean you can let your lips go. Before you do anything else, swipe on this amped-up iteration of the Fresh Sugar classic. The new-and-improved formula is packed with rose oil, in addition to real sugar and black currant oil, so lips feel plumped, hydrated, and eternally kissable—which is important even if (especially if) you plan to spend V-day camped out together on the couch in your sweater leggings binge-watching TV.

It’s never a dull moment when you’re with your girls and you’re all wearing these lip color hybrids. The formula applies like a gloss but dries matte with a lustrous sheen. The contoured applicator tip precisely paints on color while the formula’s rosehip seed oil nourishes lips. Perhaps best of all, it’s seriously long-wearing. It will stick with you through dinner and drinks, subsequent turns at the karaoke mic, and finally, your last-call makeout sesh with a dud named Chad.

IF YOU’RE SEEING THE EX… Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Crème in Goddess
Irresistible. Classically beautiful. Those are just a couple of things your ex says about you, the one who got away. The cocoa butter–infused formula delivers a luxurious, rich dose of pigment. It’s so long-wearing you won’t need to reapply, though you’ll still want to periodically pull it out to show off its chic bullet as you roll your eyes at whatever your ex is talking about. All the shades are designed around the styles of famous women icons who have inspired Marc Jacobs through the years. It’s the best thing to wear when you’re letting that jerk buy you an expensive dinner and then not kissing him goodnight.



We help you survive sweltering graduations, teary-eyed weddings, and the dog days to come.

It’s officially summer—and with the start of the new season comes rising temperatures and event invites. You name it: weddings, graduations, college reunions—the list goes on. The truth is, we’re excited to get gussied up for these sentimental moments, but we also want to take the proper precautions for the weather, emotions, and cameras we’ll be facing. Below, we list our top beauty tips to complement your warm-weather social schedule. KELLEY HOFFMAN


When it comes to foundation in the summer, either people want their foundation to last all day or they take a light, minimalist approach to their complexion makeup.

If you want a flawless finish you don’t have to think about for 10 hours, go for a long-wearing formula.

Try: SEPHORA COLLECTION 10 HR Wear Perfection Foundation

Pairing your summer foundation with a silicone-free primer not only will help it last, but it also won’t feel as heavy as other primers. In addition, for some people who tend to have oily skin, foundation color can change slightly throughout a hot summer day because of oxidization—it mixes with the air outside, as well as your own natural oils—and a primer can help keep your color true.

Try: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water

If you want light and easy coverage, serum foundations are your friends.



When controlling shine, you don’t want to touch up with a powder foundation because it can get cakey when mixed with perspiration and settle into lines. A better way to do this is with a face-blotting powder. It won’t add color, but it will help mattify.

Try: MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Pressed Powder

Blot in your hot spots—the sides of the nose, the center of the forehead, and the inner corner of the eyes. Don’t blot your center of the nose, chin area, or the tops of your cheeks—this way, you’ll look glowy, but not greasy. Disposable blotting papers are easy to throw in your purse when you’re on the go.

Try: SEPHORA COLLECTION Mattifying Blotting Films


Yes, we can get teary at once-in-a-lifetime events—but even just during summer in general, we squint at the sun more, and waterproof mascara can help keep your lashes from smudging.

Try: tarte Lights, Camera, Splashes Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof eyeliner should also be on your list for the same reasons as above. However, while you can do your typical black or brown, adding a waterproof colorful eyeliner in blue is also a worry-free, on-trend way to bring some fun to your look.

Try: SEPHORA COLLECTION Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner 24 HR Wear


Brows are a great way to add a bit of polish to your look. And if you happen to be wearing a graduation cap, they’ll be more front and center than ever.

If you’re a brow beginner, and don’t feel the need to have the Most Instagram Eyebrows Ever, a good way to start is with a pencil that has a built-in spoolie. Just fill in any spots in your tails and brush it through for a natural effect.

Try: Marc Jacobs Beauty Brow Wow Defining Longwear Pencil

If your eyebrow experience is more advanced, try a pen that doesn’t deposit a huge amount of color, but can help you be more precise and build the brow for a fuller look. 

Try: Kat Von D Tattoo Brow

If you tend to be oily, sometimes brow color can shift under the humidity of summer. A good way to keep it in place is by using a primer, and you can easily just use any eye shadow primer on your brows as well.

Try: Too Faced Shadow Insurance


Many of us want a long-wearing lip color in the summer. For special events, we suggest using a red lip with a blue undertone to help make your teeth look whiter.

Try: stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso

However, if your skintone has more of a yellow undertone, look for less of a true red color, and find a berry hue with a blue undertone.

Try: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Bauhau5

For an easy day in the sun—perhaps at a pool or at the beach—you might not want to look overly done, but you still get some light color and moisture. Tinted oils are a good way to get your fix.

Try: YVES SAINT LAURENT Volupté Tint-In-Oil



An easy way to take off your stubborn summer makeup is with this innovative cloth. You only need to add water, and it works for a thousand washes.

Try: Makeup Eraser The Original MakeUp Eraser

Whenever you’re working with waterproof eye makeup, it’s important to also get a remover. It’s a fragile area, and you don’t want to be rubbing or pulling—you should be gentle.

Try: Fresh Soy Conditioning Eye Makeup Remover



Scentiplier Masterlist

Sorry if I might not have gotten everyone, especially if you described things in the tags because my laptop likes to forget those exist. Send me a message if you’re missing. I’ll keep updating as people keep responding. Thanks for replying everyone!


 Iblis: Normally smells like oud, woods, and incense. When aroused he smells like really intense oud with rose(think Montale’s Black Oud). When he’s feral he smells like a wild animal and fresh blood.

 Marc: Dark cool deep places, moss, something else just a lil spicy


 Malchior: Lavender, Vanilla, Lilac

Malik, et al. are unknown as of this time.


Marchosias: Smoke and new leather


 DA BIG D: Sandalwood or any real earthy smell like that. He does like the smell of lavender but doesn’t wear it. Might smell like mints since he likes to pop them in his mouth once in a while.


Mork: Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.


Lavaplier: Burning wood and fire

SCP-2303: Nothing

AI: Cold and plastic.


Xenoplier: Swamp and body odor.


 Bull: Smells like fresh salt water and fish. Sorta like the beach

Toxic: He doesn’t really have a scent tbh

Dark: Mostly like rotting flesh and a strong smell of cologne

Nerd: Doesn’t have a smell either


Quasar: Pine trees

Helios: mostly smells of grass and a faint scent of wet dog

Williams: He smells like spice and soot


Glowstick: Glowstick smells different depending on the time of day you catch him. Sometimes he smells like what he’s been eating (blood and various organs), sometimes he smells like anything that comes off to a person as “fresh”, like mint or that one “sex on the beach” incense


Cabinet: Cabinet smells like oak wood and lemon furniture polish. His breath smells like mothballs sometimes.


Cat-Tastrophe: he smells of cat food, but with a scent of fruits. He really likes both of these things and is constantly eating either of them. 
Osirium: smells of rotten eggs, dirt and rotten oak wood and leaves. Being half snake, he’s always sliding around the forest and eating smaller animals’ eggs.
Disaster: he “smells as stars”, meaning he smells like the components of a star. He is a void-made creature after all.


Fairy: Lavender with a hint of citrus

(Both are extremely calming scents that can help with anxiety and some physical ailments.)


Tinyplier - Cotton Candy and sugar, because he’s so small he loves getting sweets. They’re like jumbo sized candies to him :3c

Pastel Goth- Lavender and Nail Polish, he often smells like the flowers he makes crowns out of or the paint and make up he uses for outfits.

Nice Guyiplier- he smells like Axe and disappointment. It’s gross. (This made me laugh, I love it. – Woo)

Markaroni- just cheese lmao


Jack: Wood polish and occasionally chocolate

Warf: …Sometimes alcohol

Android: uhm…robot smell


Zyphryll: Has a scent that changes with his mood. Er it’s explained in his bio. When he’s really happy he smells like cherry blossoms. If he’s upset or depressed his scent shifts to fresh rain. His default scent and when he goes into heat, it’s roses. His scent can get stronger to make his mates dizzy. Which can help them go to sleep. He uses the scent thing on Yen sometimes when she has nightmarish like visions or she can’t sleep. Or it helps in fights to disorient the attacker. Eh there’s a tidbit for ya.


Zip: I never thought about what Zip smells like… probably grease or oil from the zipper teeth… and he probably has a hint of something sweet… i dunno…


Scari: Scari smells like sweat, dirt, and blood. Sorry he’s gross. (That’s okay!)


He smells like alcohol and cigarettes usually… his ‘mother’ is an alcoholic so that sorta rubbed off on him, and he picked up smoking because he thought ‘it looked cool’.


Shadow:  In his humanoid form, would smell of fresh air and the forest, as he likes to spend his time there. In his natural state, he smells like whatever darkness would smell of. Something earthy, I presume. He also wears Polo Red when he chooses cologne.


Tenebris would most likely very faintly smell like cologne
Ven smells more like dirt/sweat or when you sleep on something for to long pttth
Lux would smell maybe like coconuts. He uses coconut shampoo a lot.
Elijah just smells like saltwater.


Faint cotton candy


Lee smells like cherries. And powdered sugar.

List smells different to the people he wants to attract. To asexuals he smells like vanilla. (So his default scent is vanilla)

Derek smells like lavender. His girlfriend liked lavender.


Clockwork: Old books with just a hint of blood. Maybe a bit of oil. If he were really angry or in his true form, he would just smell like rotting flesh.

Xavier: Smells of flower blossoms on the breeze. Generally it’s cherry blossoms but it can vary based on his mood.


Lovliplier:  A soft smell like baby powder, or maybe honey with an underlying sweetness like bubblegum or strawberry.


Ghost: Probably smells like mint and like a bit of a metallic smell.


Sketch probs smells like sketchbook paper and pencil shavings

Ink probably smells like a broken pen and burnt popcorn with just a hint of fresh asphalt


Like burnt skin and hair, really gross. Also blood.


Rain, or pine trees is what Cerin usually smells like. Meh, that’s only cause he likes to hang out in the forests. Amshu smells like summer, I know that’s vague, but he smells like fresh cut grass, flowers, etc. 


Dopple smells like old pennies, even when he’s flesh, unless he wears something over it. He typically goes for something like Sandalwood or a bit of a strong cologne to hide the smell.


SCPiplier: Sterilized plastic, as he is a pair of glasses being kept in a containment unit of the SCP Foundation. The manifested body he creates might smell a bit like… Ozone.


Ilargia smells like earth, blood and smoke, a tiny hint of tobbaco and a bit like his host.


Death, decay and rotting flesh. Nothing pleasant at all


Anglerplier: Smells like the ocean and fairly sweet like honeysuckle


Cauldron: Burnt sugar and sometimes drool or acid


Lollipops and that weird musky smell certain people love


Heavy rain, salty air, and sun


Pine trees and how dirt smells after it’s been raining.


Dark midnight forest


Thanatos: Either blood, snow, or snickerdoodles


Damon: Apples


Nocturne: Cheap men’s perfume


Chimney:  Charcoal, sugar and blood.


 Febris: Earth/dirt and rotten blood with a hint of some pretty sweet smellin aftershave. keepin it classy.

 Glitch: He has no sent, though sometimes when he gets hyped up he smells like a battery when it leaks.

 Avery: Fresh air, like the first day of Autumn and oak trees

 Kit: Sweet and Clean, like when you’ve just finished the clothes washing. 10/10 could sniff all day.

 Amp: Metalic, not strong through. Amp goes enjoy using perfumes and such, but that’s only on special occasions.


Cye: Smells like a car getting its oil changed.

“It was very nice to work with him on something that was not in costume,” says Marc. “It was just about capturing him more than the character, basically. So that was very nice and it was cool. And I think that not having to have a reference to the show makes it kind of a bit more fresh.” - Marc Hom