Marc by Marc Jacobs

This Marc by Marc Jacobs dress became infamous for ending up on the floor of a burlesque club, but let’s not forget the strings of pearls and embellished headband that were originally meant to create a classy girl who could wear Cornelius Vanderbilt’s diamond ring. Personally, I prefer the Blair that ended up at Victrola. {s1e07 - Victor Victrola}

Michelle, 26

“I’m wearing a vintage coat, old Levi’s jacket, a Uniqlo cardigan, a Derek Lam 10 Crosby top, Marc by Marc men’s jeans, Zara boots. People I admire, my mood, my work, films, comfort inspire my style. I like outfits that are instinctive yet intellectual, and it doesn’t always have to make obvious sense. I also admire when a person can have a sort of uniform and style that is very personal and consistent.”

Mar 20, 2017 ∙ Midtown South