Marc Laming

Putting all these sketches in one post for easier viewing. This is my Buckyyyyy! Book… and over time I hope to get it filled up with glorious Bucky sketches - WW2 Bucky, Winter Soldier, BuckyCap, BuckyNat, Stucky, all the Bucky variations :)

First up… my kids added their own art work so I now have the cutest Bucky Bear sketches - one pic is called “Bee Attack” and the other has Bucky Bear dreaming of future robots and carrying his own teeny Cap Bear 🐻

In the past few weeks there are have been some beautiful new additions to the book:

Bucky - by Nik Virella (I love Nik’s 1872! The lovely @qft brought this home from NYCC this year for me!)

Chibi Cap & Bucky by Zheng Khan (from this year’s Thought Bubble in Leeds - look at them… they are just the cutest little guys ever!)

Classic WW2 Bucky - by Lee Garbett (Thought Bubble 2016 - my hubby @gnomatsu treated me to this utterly adorable commission, I love it. It provides an amazing contrast to the next sketch in the book…)

Winter Soldier - by Marc Laming (Thought Bubble 2016 - Marc’s Winter Soldier is one of my fav versions of WS and this pic is gorgeous! It’s just after Lee’s young Bucky in my book, so it provides a really interesting then & now effect when you turn the page.)

So many domino masks… we do like the domino mask on Bucky!

I’m combining getting sketches directly in the book and sticking in sketches that were done on other paper. It’s working really nicely and means I can add sketches from far abroad like the NYCC one!

I shall update as I find more Bucky sketches to add to my increasingly-awesome Bucky Book :)

🎨  updates since Thought Bubble: 🎨

BuckyNat in the rain - by elithien (more details here)

Winter Soldier - by Mike Perkins (more details here)

Sam & The Summer Soldier - by wingedcorgi (more details here)

WW2 Bucky - by Drew Moss (more details here)

small teeny angry Birthday Bucky - by qft​ (more details here)

MCU Civil War Bucky - by Allison Weyda (more details here)

The Bucky Book got a metal arm a little repair work done.