Marc Benioff
Salesforce CEO Now Going After North Carolina’s Anti-LGBTQ Law
Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, already crusading against an anti-LGBTQ law in Georgia, is now turning his attention to North Carolina.

“A day after North Carolina lawmakers held a special session to draft and pass a law legalizing discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, the San Francisco-based executive said he planned to oppose the legislation.

Salesforce, a cloud-computer company that provides business-to-business services, may not be a household brand. But with a market capitalization of about $48 billion, the firm provides Benioff with a prominent soapbox and a loud megaphone in the corporate community.

Benioff said he plans to appeal to Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan to publicly oppose the North Carolina law. The country’s second-biggest bank is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Last year, Benioff led the charge to topple a law in Indiana that allowed faith-based organizations to refuse services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people in the name of religious freedom. Weeks after he began rallying other corporate titans to divest from the state unless the law was changed, lawmakers amended the legislation.

Benioff resumed his fight last month when the Georgia legislature passed a bill also aimed at legalizing discrimination in the name of religious freedom. Dubbed the First Amendment Defense Act, the legislation actually goes a step further than Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, barring government authorities from bringing civil cases against organizations accused of discrimination.”

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Priyanka Chopra, Octavia Spencer, Michelle Pfeiffer, Patty Jenkins, Kelly Clarkson to Be Honored at Variety’s Power of Women
By Variety Staff

Variety has announced the honorees for the annual Power of Women luncheon, which will take place October 13 at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons. The event, in partnership with Lifetime Television, honors some of Hollywood’s most philanthropic women whose efforts have made a significant impact to their chosen charities and causes.

This years event honors Priyanka Chopra (UNICEF), Kelly Clarkson (QX Super School), Patty Jenkins (Anti-Recidivism Coalition), Michelle Pfeiffer (Environmental Working Group), and Octavia Spencer (City Year). The Power of Women luncheon is tied to Variety‘s annual Women’s Impact Report, which profiles the most impactful women working in the entertainment industry this year. All of the honorees will be featured on the covers of the October 10 issue of Variety.

“We are once again honored to partner with Lifetime to present our Power of Women event,” said Michelle Sobrino-Stearns, group publisher and chief revenue officer of Variety. “At the heart of this event is a desire to promote the importance of philanthropy within the entertainment community. This year’s honorees are passionate and inspiring women working to help shine a light on causes important to them. We hope it inspires others to do the same.”

The Moroccanoil Inspiration To Action award will be given to Moroccanoil Inspired By Women ambassador Chrissy Beckles, founder and president of the Sato Project which rescues abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. The Variety 2017 EmPOWerment Award will be given to chairman and CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff, who has worked to address unexplained differences in pay between gender, race, and ethnicity among employees within the company.

Also at the event, Audi will debut a Variety-produced video entitled “EQUAL,” showcasing the Power of Women honorees and select honorees from the Women’s Impact List talking about the importance of gender equality in the entertainment workplace.

How Ashton Kutcher And Guy Oseary Built A $250 Million Portfolio With Startups Like Uber And Airbnb

Actor Ashton Kutcher became iconic playing vapid pretty boys. But along with Madonna manager Guy Oseary, he’s been backed by some of the world’s best-known billionaires (Ron Burkle, Eric Schmidt, Mark Cuban, David Geffen, Marc Benioff). And he’s helped fund some of the greatest tech deals ever (Uber, Airbnb, Skype, Pinterest, Spotify). After turning $30 million into a quarter-billion, he’s going bigger–and crafting one of the most unusual stories in modern money management.

Hillary Clinton, Miley Cyrus Join Backlash Against Anti-LGBT Bill

The law “prevents state and local governments from ‘substantially burdening’ a person’s exercise of religion [by requiring the business to serve someone] unless a compelling governmental interest can be proved,” according to NPR. Because it has been almost impossible throughout history to meet the standard of a compelling governmental interest, the law offers very strong protection for businesses choosing to refuse service to same-sex couples. Many cities across the nation have passed anti-discriminatory laws to prevent same-sex couples from being refused service, but Indiana’s law would supersede any similar, local anti-discrimination laws.