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Hillary Clinton, Miley Cyrus Join Backlash Against Anti-LGBT Bill

The law “prevents state and local governments from ‘substantially burdening’ a person’s exercise of religion [by requiring the business to serve someone] unless a compelling governmental interest can be proved,” according to NPR. Because it has been almost impossible throughout history to meet the standard of a compelling governmental interest, the law offers very strong protection for businesses choosing to refuse service to same-sex couples. Many cities across the nation have passed anti-discriminatory laws to prevent same-sex couples from being refused service, but Indiana’s law would supersede any similar, local anti-discrimination laws.

$4 Billion Corp. To Indiana: We Warned You About RFRA, Now We’re ‘Forced To Dramatically Reduce Our Investment’

The CEO of major U.S. corporation is following through on his warning to the State of Indiana to not pass a discriminatory “religious freedom” bill.

Salesforce, founded in 1999, has grown into a $4 billion software corporation. It is a component of the prestigious S&P 500, and boasts 12,000 employees.

Recently, Salesforce came out strongly against Indiana’s discriminatory Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

“We have been an active member of the Indiana business community and a key job creator for more than a decade,” Scott McCorkle, CEO of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud division, wrote in a letter to Indiana lawmakers. “Our success is fundamentally based on our ability to attract and retain the best and most diverse pool of highly skilled employees, regardless of gender, religious affiliation, ethnicity or sexual orientation.”

“Without an open business environment that welcomes all residents and visitors,” he warned, “Salesforce will be unable to continue building on its tradition of marketing innovation in Indianapolis." 

Today, Salesforce’s Marc Benioff made good on their warning.

And he went one step further, warning his fellow industry leaders:

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Marc Benioff and Eric Schmidt Keynote

One year ago today...

The inspiration for the 365 Music Project was born.

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I was in San Francisco, traveling for business.

On the first eve of the conference, we were treated to an incredible show by Stevie Wonder and But as I entered Moscone Center, something troubled me…

I had no problem moving from the back of the building to the seventh row. I didn’t push; I didn’t shove; I simply walked the distance of about two football fields with no problem.


This is Stevie-freakin’-Wonder, folks.

To make matters worse, nobody was jamming out or enjoying the music. Thousands of people stood stoic.

I was in disbelief of what I was seeing…of what I wasn’t experiencing. 

I wondered on the plane ride home how people could see one of the greatest performers of all time and not be somewhat moved? Emotionally, or physically, or something.

Where we too caught up in life to actually live it?

I was inspired to do something. 

And so, a week later, I started my first 365 Music Project. I used my personal twitter account to simply tweet a song a day that highlighted local and indie musicians. Seems simple enough, right? But as the days turned into weeks, it became evident I was quickly drawing a substantial following—one that was under my own personal name.

I was overwhelmed.

It was clear. People were starving for new music. Not the stuff you hear on TV or the main radio stations, but something new, something different.

An experience.

And well, it was an experience for me too. After a few months, I scrapped the project so I could create better plan of how we could really give some of these indie and local musicians some exposure. And better yet, why don’t we highlight the place where all of this great music is happening in the first place? The Twin Cities. 

So, I relaunched this past August, starting everything from scratch and I’m happy to say, the hunger is still there. After three months, the 365 Music Project boasts just under 800 total followers between Twitter, Facebook, and the website.

And, with any luck, the “little blog that could” will inspire those stoic thousands into informed, thoughtful, music-loving supporters of the Twin Cities music scene and beyond.