“I’m not the only one with horns”

CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT THAT ONE SENTENCE IN BLOOD MOON BALL. Sure, the starco dance did explode me but THIS, Tom freaking said that to Star.

I don’t know with everyone in the fandom but IT’S FUCKING CUTE. IT WARMS MY HEART SO MUCH LIKE GIRL, TOM IS GREAT. I can see why Star dated him and also, I can see why Star broke up with him.

Tom’s not a jerk and all, never has he been a jerk. He just has anger issues with almost anything. I can relate to him much because I too myself can pretty much shit about anything. What fascinates me so much with Tom is that he isn’t that cliche ex boyfriend of the protagonist in which he acts all fuckboy and fake.

Tom has real dedication to Star. He’s trying real hard to stop his anger issues just for Star. And that’s what makes me so amazed by him. He isn’t meant for Star, at all. And Star is never meant for him.

Star can’t stand a lifetime with Tom because when Star gets annoyed, she gets annoyed real quick. Her personality is bubbly and optimistic while I can tell that Tom’s pessimistic with his anger issues. If she were to marry him, she’d soon regret so much. They’d constantly fight over the simplest things and that isn’t healthy. Tom isn’t good for Star.

Star isn’t good for Tom either because, like said, Tom has anger issues. Instead of sitting down and trying to cool Tom off, Star pushes him away blaming it all on his short temper. She isn’t realistic in which not everyone is always laughing or smiling. I can tell Star can barely handle emotional problems. She’d suck at that category. Anger is something MEANT to be released. It is okay to express anger just as long as it doesn’t associate with violence. When Tom gets angry he doesn’t hurt anyone at all, he just grows a wall of fire around the person that’s been annoying him but it barely stings them. If anger isn’t released, it will rotten the person just like depression.

And also, Star seems too impossible to cooperate with during a relationship with Tom because of her ‘no, i won’t apologize to you, you apologize to me’ habit. You can see that in one episode in which Marco was kidnaped by Toffee.

That said, I still think Star and Tom look cute together but never would actually last a lifetime.