Accidents Happen

-Sirius and remus are hidden in the common room. The two have little space to move as they watch their latest prank causes havoc amongst the other students, James included-

Remus: Merlin, he’s going to kill us

Sirius: *realises how close Remus is*

((OOC: Sirius played by the ridiculously attractive @asktheblacksheep like seriously theres no need to be this attractive, stop it)) 

An Unexpected Visit

Lily Potter played by @son-0f-a-snitch

Lily: *paces nervously outside of Number 4 Privet Drive*

Lily: *reaches forward, pressing the doorbell*

Lily: Petunia, I hate to intrude, but…

*The two sisters sit on the sofas in the lounge, facing each other for the first time in over a year*

Lily: I’m only teasing–

Petunia: …he has your eyes…

Petunia: What is it?

Lily: *fidgets nervously with Harry’s blanket* I’m in danger. All of us are in danger.

Petunia: What do you mean?

Lily: The dark forces of our world…

Petunia: There are “dark people” after you, and you lead them right to me and my family…

Petunia: Is he one of them?

Petunia: I have been right all along.

Petunia: Now get out!

Lily: *disapparates*

Lily: *reappears in her home in Godric’s Hollow*


James Imagine 5

Request: Do you think you can do a James Potter x reader? With then like just laying in bed on a Sunday morning and he starts singing “Sunday candy” and then she joins in? Like can it just be fluff? Please? Thank you! Xx

I was having SO MUCH trouble writing this!  thank you sm to @justasadlittleblogger, i really don’t know what i’d do without you, vix. She wrote a detailed outline for this and i built off of it, so go give her a follow!! she’s starting an imagines account!! 

James sighed and looked over at you looking through his bookshelf in his Quidditch jersey. You had stayed the night after Gryffindor had beat Slytherin, and had ended up just wearing his jersey to bed. James shuffled around a bit, hoping to get you to turn around at the noise so he could have all of your attention (as usual). When you didn’t notice him moving around, he decided to find another way to gain your attention. He remembered the muggle song you’d showed him before, Sunday Candy, and jumped up to grab the record you’d left last week. He slipped it out of its case and put in on the record player. The song began to play and you turned to him holding a book and rolled your eyes smiling. Then, in a horribly off-tune voice James began to sing along, “she can say in her voice in her way that she love me.”

You quirked an eyebrow.

“With her eyes,” James continued pointing at his eyes.

You giggled at your boyfriend and he walked closer to you, still singing, "with her smile,” he grabbed one of your hands and rubbed his nose on yours, laughing.

 "With her her belt, with her money” James stepped away and rubbed his fingers like he was asking for money.

You marked the page in your book and but it down.

“I am the thesis of her prayers, he nieces and her nephews,” James continued, “are just peices of the layers.”

You laughed and he grabbed both of your hands.

“Only ones she loves as much as me are jesus christ and taylor, I got a feature,” James sang, outlining his jawline, “So im singing for my grandma you singing too  but your grandma aint my grandma.”

You laughed at his horrible singing, "mines is hand made, pan fried, sun dried, south side and beat the devil by a land slide praying with her hands tied,” James put his hands up like he was praying.

“President of my fan club sayin’ t’ her something told me i should bring my butt to church.”

Then your sweet angelic voice filled the room, “you gotta move it slowly,” you said, grabbing him by his shirt collar, leaving him almost speechless, "take and eat my body like its holy.”

James leaned in closer to you, his lips almost touching yours, mesmerized, and you both whisper to the song, "I’ve been wating for you for the whole week.”

James was about to let his lips touch yours when you pushed him away last minute and sang out loud again, dancing around, "I’ve been praying for you you’re my sunday candy." 

James laughed, shaking his head, somewhat surprised at your effect on him and watched you singing and dancing, "You goota move it slowly take and eat my body like its holy ive been waiting for you for the whole week.”

You got closer to him and he joined in with you, both of smiling like total idiots and about half a centimeter away from each other, “I’ve been praying for you, you’re my Sunday Candy…” Your lips were about to touch James’s when you heard clapping and break a part.

 "You guys sounded amazing!” Sirius applauded.

“Sirius they were having a moment,” Remus whisper-shouted at Sirius.

“Ohhhhh,” Sirius winked, “Let’s just.. go then,” he finished with a knowing smirk

You and James’s foreheads rested on one another and you picked up right where you left off, "I’ve been praying for you.”

James smiled and you laughed, “you’re my sunday,” you were as close as possible to him as you can get without kissing, "candy.“ 

You let out a breath and melted into each other.

"GET SOME PRONGS,” a muffled voice (presumably Sirius’s) shouted.

"Guess you’re my Sunday candy?” James questioned, smiling and ignoring his friend.

“Guess I am.” 

okay this actually came out kinda super cute!! thank u sm again @justasadlittleblogger u saved my life!!! go give her a follow!!! requests are open!! ships are closed!! I’m making my way through them i swear there are just so many!!! 

James x Reader x Sirius

Request: could you do a James Potter x Reader x Sirius where Sirius likes reader but reader likes James and then reader and james start going out. Then Sirius starts making out with readers best friend so reader punches him in the face. everything gets resolved in the end!! thanks, i know it’s complicated. Love your blog btw <3

@potter-the-marauder i am so sorry this has taken so long to get up!!! my life has been a hectic mess lately and I’m trying to sort everything out. i have a group research paper and a group skit and a group presentation all in different classes. progress reports come out Wednesday and I’m also trying to get into Talented Visual Arts. I’ve also started seeing a physiologist weekly because of my OCD and i’ve been getting a ton of panic attacks lately. I promise I’m trying super hard to update as often as i can, but life’s been a little tough lately.

Also this is really fucking cheesy but i couldn’t help myself.

p.s. not my best writing, this has been a shitty week. lmk if u want me to change it up or whatever or re-write.


“Hey, sweetheart,” Sirius greeted you as you sat down next to him at the Gryffindor table.

“Hey Sirius,” you rolled your eyes at him.

“So,” he took a deep breath, “you wanna go with me to Hogsmeade this weekend?”

“Sirius,” you sighed, “you know I have feelings for someone else.”

As if on cue, James Potter sat down next to you, “You have what for someone else?”

You blushed and Sirius had a hard expression on his face, “Let me just do you both a favor; Y/n has feelings for you, James,” he stood up and walked out the Great Hall, leaving you with your face in your hands.

James chuckled awkwardly, “T-that was weird, right?”

You sighed, “Look, James. He’s r-right. I… do like you.”

You squeezed your eyes shut and prepared yourself for rejection when al of the sudden you felt warm lips on yours. You opened your eyes in surprise. James Potter was kissing you. James Potter was kissing you!! Wait, James Potter was kissing you?

You pulled back, “W-wait, I don’t understand. You don’t like me.”

“What?” James replied, shocked, “Y/n! Are you kidding me! I’ve had a crush on you since second year. I just… never thought you might…. I don’t know, feel the same.”

You blushed and smiled, “W-well, I do.”


It had been about a week since you and James had officially started dating, an you couldn’t have been happier, but something was nipping at the back of your mind. 


He had done his very best to avoid you and James after you began dating. You knew he had liked you for a while and it hurt that your friend wouldn’t talk to you just because you didn’t feel the same. James, being an oblivious twat (in an endearing way), had obviously not noticed his friend’s discomfort. You didn’t want to bring it up, because- while you felt a little selfish -you didn’t want James to break up with you for the sake of Sirius’s hurt feelings. 

You made your way to the Quidditch Pitch, where you were meeting James so you could play a small unorganized game with some of the other Gryffindors, when out of the corner of your eye you saw Sirius with some girl pinned up against a tree, making out furiously. You scoffed in disgust, he was such a player, the poor lass might not even know how she’ll be used and thrown away when he gets bored. As you walked passed you noticed how familiar the girl’s hair looked, how familiar she looked in general. Then, it hit you.

“Y/f/n!?” You shrieked, suddenly enraged. 

Sirius and y/f/n broke apart, your friend looked ashamed while Sirius had a knowing smirk on his lips. 

“What the hell do you think you’re doing???!!” You stomped over to Sirius, you had ever been so angry in your entire life.

“Look, love,” Sirius began, obviously enjoying your furry, “I was just-”


Your fist collided with Sirius’s jaw in one swift move and a harsh pop.

“Bastard!” You shouted. 

Sirius was groaning and holding his jaw.

“Y/n!?” You heard your…. boyfriend.

You turned to face James with wide eyes. How would you explain this?

“What happened?” James looked shocked, confused, and concerned.

Sirius spat on the ground and looked at with an angry sneer as you attempted to stutter out an explanation, “’Guess your girlfriend got a little jealous when she saw her best friend all over lil’ ole’ me.”

“What?” James looked at you, hurt, and your heart broke.

“No, James, I s-swear it wasn’t- he was- I mean-”

“Save it,” James said calmly, but you heard the crack in his voice, “I guess were done.”

James walked off sadly in the direction of the Quidditch Pitch, broom dragging behind him, and you turned to Sirius. 

“You son of a bitch,” you almost laughed through your anger.

“Hey,” Sirius held up his hands in defense, “You’re the one who bloody punched me. Make up your mind, why don’t you.”

Sirius and y/f/n walked away and you sat down on the ground, head in your hands. You had majorly fucked up.


You saw the sharp looks James and Sirius had been shooting at each other, and heard about the fights they’d gotten in. You couldn’t help but feel entirely responsible (bc u were, u btich), after all, none of this wold have happened if you had just stayed friends with them. But, you couldn’t help the little flutter you got when Sirius winked at you, nor the explosive feeling in your heart when James entered the room.  

You had had some time to think, and you realized what you needed to do.


“Sirius,” you began, “We need to talk.”

He turned around and looked at you with an unreadable expression, “What is it?”

“Well, I,” you took a deep breath, “I know I got jealous when I saw you kissing y/f/n, and I know that I always get butterflies in my stomach when you wink at me, and I know that you have- or had- feelings for me,” you paused and he nodded, urging you to continue, “but,” he sighed, “but,” you continued, “I don’t love you. Not like that at least. And I think, I know, I love James.”

Sirius nodded once again and you laughed, “I mean, just the way he makes me feel, like my heart is going to implode and explode at the same time when he’d not even doing anything! When anything happens, at all, he’s the first person I want to tell. The way, the way all those cheesy couples in Muggle movies look at each other, I want him to look at me like that. And I know, I know I may be a hopeless cause, he may never even look my way again, but I just can’t stop my heart from beating for him. The thought of him, feels like music. And whenever I think about him, or see him, I get that feeling. And it’s just that feeling that is so surreal and it feels like everything is right in the world and you feel like the world is ending but at the same time like life has never been better,” you laughed at your ridiculous rambling and took a breath, “and you just want it to stop because you can’t handle it but you also want to bottle it up because it’s so bloody amazing. And I know, I am not falling in love with James Potter, I’m flying in love with him. My heart will never hit the ground. There will be no fall, no end. I just want to be with him.”

Sirius looked as though he was about to cry, “That’s what I want. What you feel for James Potter; that’s what I want.”

You looked at Sirius expectantly and he continued, “I don’t love you either, I guess,” he sounded like he had an epiphany, “I guess I just love the idea of love.”

“Is all that true?” You heard James’s voice from behind you. 

You and Sirius whipped around, both embarrassed about being overheard. 

“H-how much did you hear?” You stuttered out.

“Enough,” James began, “to know I’m fucking in love with you too.”

You stopped breathing for a moment and looked into his eyes, searching for a sign that he was joking, playing a prank. There was none.

You laughed and smiled, “I’m so sorry about everything that’s been happening the past few weeks I-”

James interrupted you by literally sweeping you off your feet and kissing you passionately. 

After a few moments you broke apart and smiled at each other.

“So,” Sirius chuckled, “I’m assuming we’re good?” he asked James.

“Yeah,” he smiled and tackled his best friend in a hug.”

“Sirius,” you got his attention, “James and I may be together, but stay away from y/f/n. Don’t ruin her.”

Emmeline Vance, Marlene McKinnon, Mary Macdonald and Lily Evans, outside James’ new flat
~taken by a grinning James Potter

“You girls enhance the beauty of my place”

“What beauty? This place is a mess hole, be happy I’m moving in soon so I can make it all perfect”

“And you didn’t think it was necessary to tell your best friends that you’re moving in with Potter?”

  • James: Come on, Evans. Why won't you accept your feelings for me?
  • Lily: *whispers* Because I'm afraid of falling.
  • James raises her chin with his thumb and looks into her eyes.
  • James: *whispers too* Don't worry. I'll catch you.

((OOC: So I was going through some sirius gifs last night and would just like you guys to know that, as angsty as that ‘mothers day’ thread was, this is how almost all the gifs ended because I was actually drinking whiskey and that shit really isn’t good)) 

anonymous asked:

The admins here are doing a really great job with everything! They're both wonderful and talented, and we're really lucky they took on the responsibility. Melanie and Shan, you don't get enough credit for doing such a fantastic job! We love you!!! <3

Oh my God, anon, what?! You are far too kind! *HUGS* Seriously, I have no idea what to even say to this because I’m so overwhelmed by it. We definitely try our best to stay on top of everything despite working full-time jobs and juggling our own characters and it can get tough at times. Seeing a message like this though is SO incredibly encouraging!

You guys have all been really amazing with being understanding and helping along with the transition! Especially two specific members, who know who they are, who have gone above and beyond anything we could have dreamed of asking from them. Thank all of YOU for keeping this place active and sticking with us, allowing us the chance to keep this place going and flourishing. It’s that love and dedication that makes us keep striving to do our best even when things are rough for us. 

We love you too, anon! You’re a beautiful person. <3


                                             RELEASING THE FIRST OF MAY

A war is on the horizon, but the enemy is unknown. What started off as the disappearance of a few Muggles has now mysteriously become a body count. Six Muggle bodies found dead, two Muggle villages almost burnt to the ground, and yet the Ministry of Magic sits idly by, allowing the Muggle world to handle their own investigations. However, it was the symbol in the sky that caught the Ministry’s attention. Green, with a serpent twisting through a skull was an image that could be easily obliviated from the minds of Muggles, but seared itself into the souls of witches and wizards. It was not the last of it, but it was enough to send their world into a frenzy. While the Ministry begins its investigation, others have taken matters into their own hands. There is a war coming, where do you stand?

                                 「 MARAUDERS ERA