Glacier eyes
Killing indifference on soft June nights
Lavender love plays hide-and-seek in our hands.
Dusk is a secret you intended to keep
But left laughing on my lips.
—  “Marais”, The Cynical Idealist.
Cinquième Livre, Suite en La mineur - XV. Rondeau
Jean-Louis Charbonnier, Paul Rousseau, Mauricio Buraglia, Pierre Trocellier
Cinquième Livre, Suite en La mineur - XV. Rondeau

Marin Marais (1656-1728).

A master of the viol, and the leading French composer of music for the instrument, little of Marin Marais’ personal life is known after he reached adulthood. Marais married a Parisian, Catherine d'Amicourt, on 21 September 1676 and they had 19 children together.

He wrote five books of Pièces de viole (1686–1725) for the instrument, generally suites with basso continuo. These were quite popular in the court, and for these he was remembered in later years as he who “founded and firmly established the empire of the viol”.