concept: you’re watching critical role tonight. you have tasty snacks and a nice warm drink. matt keeps rolling crit fails for the enemy & crit hits for the ally npcs. vm kills thordak and no one dies. tyrioc the map maker is there, for some reason. everyone is happy.

Pixel Art Tree Tutorial

When I first started out doing pixel art I couldn’t find a good tutorial on how to make trees. So now that I’m a bit better, I’ve decided to make my own! 

For this tutorial, you’ll need some sort of digital art program. You probably shouldn’t be looking at digital art tutorials if you don’t have a digital art program. I use Pro Motion, but I’m pretty sure that Gimp and Photoshop work too. 

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So, after a lot of playtesting, the biggest issue people had was with the collisions. Since Virgo (and all other NPCs for that matter) stand way too far from each other (the same problem exists for most interactive elements in the world) because of tile size and their proportions to it (tiles are 24x24 with 4x zoom), it may look like interactive stuff isn’t really interactive because you can’t really ‘touch it’.

Something that I couldn’t solve with free movement plugins and trying to change tiles inside the grid because of how NPCs/events can only be placed in the middle of their tiles, and if they didn’t, there would be a lot of invisible collisions throught the world.

It was a huge design oversight and I’ve already spent a lot of time trying to fix it without having to resort in changing Virgo’s (and every other NPC) world sprites, but it is the most sensible thing to do right now to avoid confusion and weird 5 km conversations between NPCs.

I would like to know your opinions on it, though, since it does change a lot about the game, as illustrated above how the same situation looks right now and how it would look with Virgo/NPCs filling their tile space some more. I can’t possibly make Virgo bigger, or this would hurt her design too much. So, please tell me if you like this new design, and if this distance between the characters bother you at all! It was really the best I could do, and I’m running out of ideas. :C


We’re now working on the Tilesets for the Baron’s Mansion, an odd place full of nightmares and rich cats.

Our musician finished the song for this area (I’ll post asap!), that’ll be a dungeon, and now we need just 3 more songs for the demo (Sheep’s theme, main theme and boss battle song!). I’m glad that everything is going smooth!

Another wip is the title screen that turned out to be a really boring job t_t I hope to finish it soon and to do something cute for Dreameerie xD Moghunter’s titlescreen plugins are helping a lot!

I’m still working on some NPCs to show how they look in the new design (and still deciding wether I’ll stick with the newer ones or not!) but I made some changes in the textbox and the mapping to look more spacey! Now it’s a complete scifi, really~

House Update!

As you may have noticed, I’m not very fast at … basically everything, haha. It’s still a WIP, but soon to be finished. I originally planned the games style to be kinda minimalistic and plain but later on decided that I want to pour as much heart, blood, sweat and tears into my project as I possibly could, because duh, I’m all for that stress and dying ™ . I won’t spend as much time on the other houses as I did for Costas tho, hhhhhhh.

Anyway, I hope you like it, eventhough my process has been limited to art and story mainly. Wish y’all a nice sunday! ♥

mrspookyfox  asked:

I'm planning to start working on a new game with a sidescrolling point of view (think of Amare, or the first Clock Tower), but I'm not sure on how to achieve the effect. Any tips, resources, or places where to find them? Thank you so much on advance!

Funny enough, Amaredev actually got that question and answered how she did it here!  Draxicor goes into more here if you want a few more details.


The Doll Room.

This chamber was only ever to be dwelled in by a girl destined to become a Doll.  

Mostly finished.  There might be a little more added to it in the future.  Took me forever, but mostly because I wanted a lot of detail so I had to make more mini-sprites for it.  It’s not supposed to be very scary, just mysterious, as it’s your safe “Hub” in the game.

There are some killjoys that have dedicated their lives to searching every inch of the zones. This isn’t wanderlust, but more of a safety breech for people other than themselves. These killjoys have become cartographers, or map makers, and put everything down about the zones that is physically possible. These maps mark high BLI security areas, as well as safe houses, and places where resources are available (ie; the diner and Chow Mein’s shop).
The only downside with these maps is that there’s almost no possible way for them to be distributed without them falling in the wrong hands. Hundreds of killjoys get taken by BLI, meaning that any belongings on them at the time of their arrest become the possession of BLI. These maps getting into the wrong hands could be detrimental. It’s rumored that the only people in the zones who have them are the cartographers, Party Poison, and Cherri Cola.