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Is there a step by step guide to build a village, town or city for a DND game? I have trouble getting my ideas down on paper. I feel a guide may help.

This is how I make mine:

  • Pick if I want it to be coastal, in a forest, desert, etc.
  • Pick a cool name.
  • Decide if this town is mostly for passing through, or if major things are happening here.
  • Decide if they’re cut off from other towns or near others.
  • Decide on population, race majorities and minorities.
  • Pick how the town makes money, what are its imports and exports if any.
  • Who is the leader? How do people like them?
  • What is the towns major problem? Starvation, rats, monsters, etc?
  • How strict are the guards? Do the villagers trust outsiders? Do they hate any race or class?
  • Come up with a bar, inn, weapon, and armor shop name and staff for each. If they’re known for anything, what are they known for?
  • How does this town get along with outsiders/other towns?
  • Any well known locals? What are their names, what are they known for?
  • If your players are good, evil, or neutral how would the townsfolk react? How would your players react here?

A lot of times some of this info is never asked about from my players. I recycle and use that info for other towns if need be. Half the time no one asks about the armor shop, or the potions shop. But its nice info to have on hand.

I also sometimes make mini flash cards detailing the important bits like:

Inn: Sleepy Fellow. Run by Ma. 5 copper a night. Worlds best pillows, they’re always stolen. Ma is sick n tired of it and will gut any thieves.

Here are some little extra tips and tools, too.

  • Plan your city around your landscape. If its a thin and spindly island, you’re not going to have a ton of open space. If the city is in a desert, there are probably very tall walls to keep the sand from blowing in, or the houses might be below ground, etc.
  • Here is a cool map maker to help visualize things.
  • Think about what you’d typically find in a town. Inn, bar, and leather working shops will be basically anywhere. Larger towns will for sure have armor, weapons, potions, etc. Farmer’s markets, hospitals, etc. are also usually present.
  • What kind of town is it? Is it peaceful, do they forage and lack trade routes? Is the town large, have a large guard presence?
  • How does the town make their money? Hunting, gathering, self sustaining, making crafts?
  • I use this sometimes to give me town ideas. I don’t really hit generate tbh, just the options alone help me out a lot.
  • How can your town serve the quest[s] and your players? Is it the main place where quests are given/done? If so, it might need to be more fleshed out. If they’re just passing by you don’t need a lot of detail. Maybe just one quirk or two to make each town unique. e.g. “Every Thursday is bring your pet to work day” for the local guards.

— The Map Maker   |   Beau Taplin

~Lavender Brown~

 “In my life I am acting as a map maker, an explorer of psychic areas, a cosmonaut of inner space.”

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ever wonder why PoA had time to have Remus talk about Lily but didn't have time to even explain who the marauders were? like the connection between the map-makers and James, Sirius, Remus and Peter is never made in that movie.

listen, it’s been 13 years and i’m still mad about this movie. when the movie is over and you have to explain to the person you watched it with who the marauders were it’s a pretty clear sign that the film sucked. 

PoA also marked the beginning of Hermione’s character eating Ron’s and stealing his traits and good moments and casting him aside as a Garbage Useless Sidekick 


This is the first area of the game - the Temple of Abundance, a very old sanctuary built in honor of the sphinx queen Thalia. The protagonist of this story is Weaver, a young griffin who has been locked up in a cell inside the abandoned temple by the evil Dr. Zeralidius.

Here you will meet the first party member, a mysterious phoenix called Lauper who will help Weaver break out of his cell. In order to escape, Weaver and Lauper must solve the many puzzles of the temple and defeat Omoitama, the tanuki warden.


Britain in Pictures series 

The books were designed to boost morale but perhaps also record the British way of life in case the Germans completed their European campaign by successfully crossing the English Channel. The books were slim volumes with distinctive elegant covers, but it was the star-studded array of authors that made the series really special.

George Orwell wrote about the British people, Cecil Beaton wrote about English photography, the great poet and printer Francis Meynell wrote about English books, John Betjeman (who penned the immortal line” Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough” in 1937) wrote about cities and towns, Graham Greene wrote about dramatists, the doyen of sports journalists Neville Cardus wrote about cricket and Edith Sitwell wrote about women. Some of the authors have faded in obscurity but they were all experts in their field during those dark days of World War II.

A wide variety of subjects were covered from battlefields to boxing, clocks to mountaineering, butterflies to farm animals, and from waterways and canals to maps and map-makers. In all, there were were 132 titles. The books also covered the Commonwealth – John Buchan’s wife, Lady Tweedsmuir wrote about Canada while Ngaio Marsh and R M Burdon wrote about New Zealand.

Critical Role

Okay, so I said before that when the new Campaign starts I didn’t want it to be full of references from the old one because I wanted it to feel different, I didn’t want us to end up comparing it to the first one.

But then hearing Matt say that the new Campaign will be about 20 years down the road from the current one, I realized something. 

When the new campaign starts, I don’t want the new characters to run into the surviving members of Vox Machina. I don’t want them to run into Allura, or Gilmore, or Kima, or Any of the Guest characters that we know so well. 

I want the new team to help out the stealthy ranger, Velora.

I want the new team to buy a world map created by the world renown map maker Tyriok.

I want the new team to find temple after temple around the world now constructed for Sarenrae as a new surge of followers begun to worship her once more in recent years. 

I don’t want to see how Vox Machina is doing in 20 years. I want to see how Vox Machina changed the world. 

Little Dove (Kylo Ren x Reader) Part 2

A/N: I literally stopped all that I was doing just to get this done. I was not expecting such positive feedback on something I had actually done. I muse to just seeing others get great reactions and just being the one delivering mediocre content! I worked really hard to make this “chapter” just as good as the first one. I hope I dont flop and I hope it meets standards. HUGE thank you to the padawans who requested more. again this was not easy to write like the first one and I hope yall love it!

SIDEBAR: with all that being said- I do have ideas for more parts in the future. From then on it’s a far stretch and the lines of SW and GOT kind of begin to mesh and you start recognizing things. of course, as the first part, you do not need to know what game of thrones is or have seen it to read little dove.

words: 2.7k

Rating: 18+(?)

Warnings: none.

Part One

There was a small meeting held about the seven kingdoms. The first order had just gained a huge advantage over the resistance but did not know how to go about it. For years the seven kingdoms stood forgotten and there was much for the dark side regime to learn.

In the dark corner of the room stood the commander, observing quietly as the other ranking officers debated and disagreed with one another. He had his own personal interest and could not be bothered to converse about an issue he did not care about. The seven kingdoms could be destroyed and he wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep.

“What purpose do we have invading the seven kingdoms and building slave camps?” Spoke The General. “The crown has already sworn their allegiance to the first order and their people followed. If we invade anyone of their kingdoms we risk starting another rebellion. They have more people than we do. If we try to conquer what is already ours- we will be outnumbered.”

An officer to the right of the general drummed his fingers along the holographic map table. “Who’s to say that all seven kingdoms agree?”

“The crown sets the example,” spoke Lieutenant Mataka. “Daharice is the capital of the seven kingdoms and it is the largest planet in the center of it all.  It’s considered high treason to disobey the crowns orders. If they say bend the knee every knee will bend.”

“-and you honestly believe the crown rules with an iron fist?” injected another from across the table. “The kings a drunk who can barely keep his shit together. The last time he visited anything that wasn’t a brothel was years before his last daughter was born. I hardly doubt he knows anything about the seven kingdoms.”

The offer to the right of the general laughed out of frustration. “The only reason the king is king now is that his father betrayed the mad king. Before house (l/n), house Traeygos had ruled over the Seven Kingdoms for centuries. House Traeygos was a supporter of the galactic empire and as support, the mad king imprisoned his people and made stormtroopers out of his men. He divided his map and as a result formed a rebellion in the north without his own knowledge and we all remember what hat happened to the galactic empire and its supporters. If we are going to truly and I mean truly crush the resistance, then we need to be careful. If we act too quickly we risk dividing the map. Maker knows it’s already in shambles.”

General Hux took a deep breath. “Then it is clear what we must do. We will not send in our forces. Captain Phasma, Commander Ren, and I will scour the seven kingdoms and get a sense of what they are made of. At all times we will have ships of men nearby ready to strike should we feel threatened. If any house should attack then we liberate them and enslave the others. Our men need to stay together at all times. The seven kingdoms are far too large to conquer spread out. We will start in the south and make our way around, avoiding the capital at all times. They do not pose a threat to us anymore and we gave them our word that we would protect them. As a “kind” gesture I will deploy a small group of troops to stand guard. Not enough to conquer the city but enough to seize the crown should we need to? Be on high alert at all times. At any moment the resistance can swoop in and attack us while we’re not looking. Until we have fully taken the seven kingdoms we lack the manpower for a full-on war.”


                                                    ❈  ❈  ❈

(y/n) sat on the floor with her legs tucked underneath her. She did not touch anything nor look around as the commander entered his bedroom.

“Rise little dove. You are a princess, not a slave. We are equals.” The bed beneath sunk as he sat on the edge and he motioned for the girl to sit next to him. Kylo touched her knee letting his hand travel up her thigh and she shuddered.

He could tell she was afraid, but of what he did not know. He had not made an open threat against her or called her names. Kylo had done “nothing” wrong.

“Are you tired?”

She said nothing.

“Are you thirsty?”

Again nothing.

“Are you hungry?”

Still nothing.

“Blink once if you need anything at all.”

Of course… nothing.

Kylo captured (y/n)s chin and gently forced her to look at him. She stared at her reflection in his visor and watched as his head traveled along her body.

“I just wanted to say thank you.” she blurted suddenly.

“What for?” the commander mumbled.

“You could have taken advantage of me but you didn’t.”

Kylo removed his lightsaber from his hip and tossed it on his bed. “I’m no hero. I just wasn’t in the mood.”

(y/n) quickly glanced at his discarded hilt. She knew what a lightsaber was but had never seen one up close. She was drawn to its design attracted to its color and lack of luster.

As she reached for it her hand was brushed away.

“It’s not a toy.” his synthetic voice rattled.

“I just want to see what it does.” she pleaded.

“Perhaps another time.”

The princess hung her head in defeat. “I’m sorry.”

Kylo shook his head. “It’s alright, little dove. You’ve done nothing wrong.”

There was a knock on the main door and the sound of a faint female calling sir to draw the commander from his thoughts. He mumbled something inaudible under his breath and escort a tall clunky tin can to his bedroom followed by the squire.

“Sir,” she rasped, “what do you suppose we do with the boy?”

“It’s pip,” he said going unnoticed.

“Kill him.”

(Y/n) jumped quickly in front of the squire. “No! You cannot kill him!”

“And why not?” Kylo hissed.

“Because he was a gift to me from my parents.”

The silver figure turned to the princess confused. “And what use does a princess have for a squire? You are no knight nor soldier.”

“I know-” (y/n) said quickly “-which is why he is my gift to you, captain.”

“I have no use for a squire. He would only get in the way.”

Pip shook his head and began to beg. “I can be of great service to you, mi’lady! I can do the things you feel are beneath you! If it is your arm you wish not to polish anymore- lick your boots even! I will do it with great honor, mi’ lady!”

“Stop-!” yelled the captain while she peeled the groveling boy from her leg. “Really! And I’m not a lady! I am not of noble birth!”

“Oh- please please please-!”

Suddenly (y/n) reached for the commander’s arm and held it tightly to her body; whipping his head on contact.

“Spear him,” she whispered

Kylo let out a grown so childish it silenced the room. “Captain, it is rude to refuse a gift given to you by a royal. You will accept the princess’ gift or there. will. be. Consequences.”

“But sir-”

“CAPTAIN!” he shouted.

Without another word, pip was yanked to his feet and dragged out of the commanders’ bedroom by the captain. 

(y/n) shuddered in relief and threw herself on the bed.

“I think I need a bath,” she muttered. 

                                            ❈  ❈  ❈

The door to the bathroom remained open allowing the steam to be ventilated. The water was so hot it was fogging up the refresher and making it hard for the commander to see through his visor. He stuck one gloved finger in the tube and retracted it quickly feeling the sting through his leather. The water was boiling hot and could seriously burn the flesh of a human.

(y/n) stood with her back to the commander and just like before she let her dress drop. Without hesitation, she stuck one foot into the tub and the other.

“Wait-!” He gasped reaching for her but she had already stepped into the scalding hot water. “You’re going to burn yourself, princess!”

“It’s fine.” She said unfazed.

Kylo moved against the counter, gripping the grant top at its edge. He looked up then looked away sneaking peaks as the princess soaked. She ran a washcloth along her arms followed by her legs and Kylo turned his head away feeling uncomfortable.

(Y/n) clicked her tongue annoyed. “Well if you’re going keep glancing, be a man and actually look at me! Stare at me while I bathe but don’t cower away because I touch my breast! You’re a Jedi killer yet you choose to be so modest in the presence of a naked female!”

“Should I go?”

“Stay or don’t stay.” she shrugged.

He sank to the floor and moved so that his back was pressed against the outside body of the tub. He crossed one arm over the other and stretched out his legs.

There were a million things running through his mind and he wondered if the princess was feeling the same way he was… but when he tried to penetrate her mind he found that it was empty. He tried to push further but all he found was nothing. It was like he was exploring an abandoned city. No sign of life at all.

Kylo had absolutely nothing to learn from her and he was beginning to think to keep her was a bad idea. In the silence of the bathroom, he let his mind do all the talking. He wanted to give (y/n) back but at the same time, he wanted to keep her. She was an important playing piece on his chessboard and losing her would be ten steps back. He thought about ways to strike up a conversation and ways to keep her interested. Although she was human and now his equal, she felt like more of an obligation.

It wasn’t his job to keep her alive or entertained but he wasn’t just going to starve her. On the subject of starvation, he thought about all the foods she could possibly like to eat. He compiled an imaginary list of meals but destroyed with a shake of his head and like an echo-sketch, the list was gone.

Sick of the silence, he pursued his lips and asked the first thing that came to mind.

“Do you like blue milk or reading books?”

She folded one arm then the other and rested her chin on the edge of the tub. “Neither. Do you like blue milk and reading books, Commander?”

Kylo cast his head closer to her, surprised she asked him in return. “I actually don’t care for either. I read battle plans and military proposals all day. Reading for pleasure doesn’t sound like fun.”

“Fair.” she hummed. “Well- alright- what about the blue milk? Why don’t you care for that?”

“It’s gross.”

“How about chocolate milk?”

“Too sweet. I don’t like chocolate.”

(y/n) softly laughed. “What do you like?”

“Uh,” he began as he laid his head back against the tube. “Not much. Maybe crushing the skulls of my enemies. S’ bout it.”

“Oy! That’s dark!” grimaced the princess.

Kylo turned around quickly and before (y/n) could react he flung his hand… splashing her with water. She froze blinking slowly the corner of her lips stuffing into a smile and she laughed.          

(Y/n) fingers crept along the rim of the tub and to the commander’s helmet. He watched from the corner of his eyes as her fingertips gently traced the chrome detailing of his helmet.

“What’s the mask for?”

“I’m a knight.”

“Yes, I know.” She whispered inching closer. “But you’ve been wearing that thing for hours. Besides- can’t be that ugly.”

Kylo chuckled. “Little Dove. Little dove.”

“I’m sorry.” (Y/n) blurted randomly.


“You have to understand- this is all so strange! I’m not exactly sure how I am to feel about this all but I do know I don’t feel threatened. Well- part of me is scared BUT- I am curious. You’re a stranger and until yesterday I had no idea you existed, now I’m yours forever. I don’t mean to be rude to you but I’m conflicted.”

Kylo took a deep breath as he pressed on the latches of his helmet. The air was filled with a hisss- and he yanked the helmet from his head. Dark curls sprawled out freely into place. His eyes adjusted to the clarity, pupils dilating to the bright lights bouncing off the refresher walls. He licked his dry lips and swiveled around.

“Does this help?”

(y/n) face was still, she made no expression. “A face to a name. Not the face I was expecting but better than I imagined.”

“Is it distracting?” he said with his voice caught deep in his throat. He was nervous.

She stood from the water. “Should it be?”

Kylo stood as well and examined her body.  He ran a hand along her hip, intrigued. Her skin was not flushed nor blistered from the scolding hot water. It was still smooth as it was before.

“How is that-” began only to be interrupted.

“Can I have a towel?”

He pulled away and reached for the largest towel he had and draped it around her shoulders, wrapping her snuggly in the plush terry cloth. He was still amazed by her perfect skin that he had not noticed the princess was long gone. She was sitting patiently on the edge of his. 

A black flat headed metal ball rolled around the room. It made a depressing wamp wamp, then paused at the foot of the bed, staring down (y/n). It’s little lights flashed and its head looked left then right. It’s defense mode powered on and out popped an arm. The ball charged forward shooting an orange flame.

Its wamp turned into a meep and it fired again, spraying fire all over the princesses leg. Finally, she acted by pulling the droids head from its body. It spun around out of control and slammed into a wall.

“What the hell just happened!?” shouted kylo as he dashed from the refresher.

(y/n) flung the droids head in his direction. “That ball is what happened!”

Taking the head, kylo put it back on the droid and its lights flashed again and the meeping continued. With its flame thrower fully extended, kylo panicked.


The droid froze moving back into first position, rolled into a charging station and powered off. (y/n) plopped back down and kylo gripped one of her legs and studied it. The skin should have been burned, blistered, and charred but it was untouched- unburnt. He rubbed her leg more confused then amazed. 

The fire should have hurt her.

He looked deep into her eyes for an explanation but found nothing.

“Perhaps my little dove is a phoenix?”