Your hobbit cast crush by sign

Aries - Luke Evans Taurus - Aidan Turner Gemini - Adam Brown Cancer - Manu Bennett Leo - Martin Freeman Virgo - Ian McKellen Libra - Orlando Bloom Scorpio - Benedict Cumberbatch Sagittarius - Richard Armitage Capricorn - Hugo Weaving Aquarius - Dean O'Gorman Pisces - Lee Pace

So I hear you're making a Boba Fett movie, Disney

Now I’m assuming we’re not going to make a Star Wars movie headlined by anyone who doesn’t look good with their shirt off, so Temuera Morrison is out. Thus, we’re going to need someone younger, of Maori descent, and who’s a credible action hero.

I think you see where I’m going with this.

Manu fucking Bennett. With a fucking jetpack. Make it happen, LucasFilms. You owe me for the prequels and the continuing lack of a canonical Admiral Thrawn.