bpdlagaan  asked:

Okay, can we talk more about Aqualad, because I hc that Sha'lai'na knew Cal during her romance with Manta, they ended up together because he supported her through the whatever it was that happened, and also I'm willing to bet that African history and culture is SUPER IMPORTANT to Cal and also obviously to Manta (look at the stuff we see in his room during less than five minutes) and I'm thinking they probably tried to pass that on to Kaldur. Like???

-pets your face gently- Any person who hcs about Sha’lai’na deserves soft pettings. Soft, soft pettings. I def agree that Cal and Sha’lai’na knew each other from when she was still with Manta. They probably started out as friends, traded Atlantean culture for African culture and just HEY SO AFRICA IS A CONTINENT THAT HAS COUNTRIES DOES ATLANTIS WORK LIKE THAT (I mean legit question because ruling the entirety of the seas means you cover A LOT OF AREA with differing developed and developing cultures etc etc and idk it’d be nice if the kingdom Orin ruled over would work more as an undersea union of sea countries so Sha’lai’na and Cal could laugh about people assuming both places are countries or an equivalent of).

Man, oh man, it has been a while but once you love Kaldur and his fam you just don’t fucking forget, you know? I mean I need to brush up on Cal’s history in YJ and comicsverse but if he was familiar with languages, maybe Arabic or Berber he could swap some basic lessons with Sha’lai’na for Atlantean AND THEY WOULD TEACH BOTH TO KALDUR