Pictured above is the crime scene where 25 year old Carolyn Marie Sinclair was found after she was murdered by serial killer Shawn Lamb. Lamb was a drug addict and a career criminal who is thought to be responsible for the murders of three women, although the remains of one of the victims is yet to be found.

Sinclair was beaten with an axe handle after the pair returned to his apartment to smoke crack cocaine. Lamb explained that Sinclair had taken most of the drugs and locked herself in the bathroom, this resulted in the beating, although as she appeared to be conscious Lamb went on to choke her until she lost consciousness and subsequently died.

Lamb plead guilty to two counts of manslaughter and the majority of the evidence that police had against him consisted of statements that Lamb himself had made, including informing police where they could find Sinclair’s body. Lamb was given a 20 years sentence for the murders, with at least 10 to be served in prison.

At age 19 in 1949, Nigerian native David Oluwale discretely boarded a cargo ship from Nigeria in order to pursue a new life and opportunities in the United Kingdom. However, far from finding safety and prosperity, his body was discovered floating in the River Aire in Leeds on 4th May 1969. 

David had been the apprentice for a tailor in Nigeria and therefore hoped to hold down a job in the thriving British textiles industry. However, due to the prevalence of racial discrimination at the time, David found it difficult to receive employment and a home, and his time on the streets in England led to many encounters with police. At one point, he was hit so forcefully with a policeman’s truncheon that he suffered hallucinations- just for sleeping in a doorway. However, the effects of this assault were disregarded and Oluwale was transferred to a psychiatric institution in 1953 where he spent 8 years. After his release, his return to the streets sent him straight back into the arms of police brutality, and after claiming harassment against Leeds authorities he was returned to the same asylum in 1965. He spent a further 2 years there. Less than 24 months after his release from here, he was to be found dead. His death was ruled as either an accident or suicide by a coroner, and the lack of friends and money possessed by David entailed that his body was confined to a cheap coffin and buried at a solitary funeral.

However, just eighteen months later, an exhumation took place due to the emergence of accusations that two police officers, namely Geoffrey Ellerker and Sergeant Kenneth Kitching, purposefully victimised David and drove him to his death. According to statements given by whistleblowers within the police force, Ellerker and Kitching would often ask to handle incidents involving Oluwale themselves. On David’s paperwork, someone had even written the derogatory word “wog” next to his nationality. The hatred exhibited in the justice system did not end there, as the judge presiding over the case of David’s death referred to him as a “dirty, filthy, violent vagrant”, which contrasted the testimony given by others who described David as a cheerful and friendly man who became a shell of himself due to the ongoing attacks. Due to the orders of the judge, manslaughter charges were dropped and instead Ellerker was found guilty of three attacks on David, while Kitching was convicted for two. They were also found not guilty of grievous bodily harm (GBH). Ultimately, Ellerker was sentenced to three years imprisonment, and Kitching received 27 months. 

i know we’re all tired of the election, but seriously, please vote if you can. hillary clinton may not be your first choice, okay, but third party candidates have no chance of winning. this election is so close now, and we need all the votes for hillary we can get. i don’t want a man who constantly insults people of color, women, the LGBT+ community, and religions (specifically islam) to be our president. i don’t care if he has a good economic plan. this country will just go into ruin if he becomes president; this man who encourages war and violence is not meant for the presidency. he also constantly denies any wrongdoings he has committed. he doesn’t care about you as people. he cares about power, and that’s why he’s running. why else would he want to run the country as a business, as he has stated many times?

i’m seeing so many trump signs in front of houses nowadays that it is actually terrifying me. as a female bisexual in the united states of america, trump is not fit to be my president, or anyone’s for that matter. he’s lied so many times and promotes so many racist and sexist policies. he discriminates against veterans and muslims, too; and he wants to represent this country? he’s a madman.

so yeah, you’ve heard this all before, but please vote for hillary. trump is not a good choice for president. i can only hope people come to their senses in these last few days. 

tl;dr: trump is a sexist and racist man who has no idea what he’s doing and he only cares about power. please vote for hillary.


A year older than he ever got to be.

manslaughter replied to your post “ik amandal/a is being…Like That but can we recognize shes a young kid…”

ya the reactions she’s been getting are definitely over the top and not really serving to provide any sort of criticism beyond drama and shit. but isn’t she 18 & not a kid? unless there’s another amandla i’ve never heard of

she JUST turned 18 this october. while she’s not a minor anymore, that really doesnt mean shes an adult imo. alot of people on this site forget that not everyone has spent years honing their social awareness. shes still young, and at 18 you still have alot to learn (ik i do). out of all the people to go after… her tho? shes done a WHOLE fucking lot even from a young age when she played Rue in THG. u can be critical of her role but people arent black and white


On 31 December, 1988, married couple Shanta Chervu and Lakshman Rao Chervu, who both worked as respectable physicians, were discovered brutally stabbed to death in their New York home. The crime scene was very sloppy with unidentified fingerprints found all throughout the home, although these fingerprints didn’t match anybody in the fingerprint system. The heinous double murder went unsolved for four years until 25-year-old Paul Cox admitting to the slaying. Cox was a recovering alcoholic who had recently begun to follow the Twelve-stop program on Alcoholics Anonymous. One of these steps asks for an admission “to God, to ourselves and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.” Cox began to confess to his fellow AA members that he believed he may have been responsible for the callous double murder. He said that he had been diagnosed with patricidal and matricidal tendencies and had worried that he had broken into the Chervu home and stabbed them both to death in a drunken haze, believing that they were his parents. He recalled to some members that he found a bloody knife in his house following the murders and had disposed of it. Confidentiality is the foundation of Alcoholics Anonymous but a few of the members that he confessed these fears to went immediately to the police and Cox was apprehended. He was only charged with manslaughter and was sentenced to 16-50 years incarcerated.


While hundreds of guests celebrated the wedding of Keren and Asaf Dror on the 24th of May 2001, the third floor of the venue suddenly collapsed, killing 23 people and injuring 380, in an event that has come to be known as the Versailles Wedding Hall Disaster.  After investigation, it was revealed that a structural design flaw had caused the collapse, as the third floor of the building was originally intended to be the roof, and as such was unable to support the weight of hundreds of people.  The terrifying moment the floor gives way was caught on camera by a wedding guest, and is available to watch online.  The three owners of the hall, and an engineer involved with the construction of the site, were charged with death by negligence and manslaughter, respectively.

19-year-old Louise Woodward was a British au pair for the Eappen family from  Boston. On 9 February, 1997, 8-month-old Matthew Eappen died at the Children’s Hospital in Boston. He had succumbed to a fractured skull and subdural hematoma. It was said to be caused by shaken-baby syndrome. Woodward was questioned by authorities and reported that she had “popped the baby on the bed” - a quote that confused authorities. In British English, the word “popped” means “placed”, as in she placed him on the bed, but in American English, it suggested violence. Authorities also claimed that she dropped him on the floor and been “a little rough” with the baby boy, a claim which she staunchly denied. Woodward was arrested and sent to trial for his murder. A pathologist contended that the injuries had to have been caused by a violent shaking and his head hitting off a hard surface. The defence argued that the were no traumatic neck injuries, which would be consistent with being shook violently. The defence also presented testimony from medical experts which reported that this injury possibly occurred at least three weeks before his death, implying that his parents could have caused his death due to negligence. They also noted that there were old wrist injuries that could have been caused long before Woodward even began working for the family. Woodward was charged with second-degree murder on 30 October, 1997. It was later revealed that the jury were split on the charge and those that had wanted an acquittal, were persuaded to accept a conviction. The charge was later reduced to involuntary manslaughter and Woodward’s sentence was reduced to time served and she was released. Following the trial, the lead prosecution revised his opinion and stated that his death was most likely caused by an old injury which is exactly what the defence had argued.


While Chante Mallard’s crime was not pre-meditated or planned, it was a particularly cruel case. Mallard was driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs when she struck Gregory Glen Biggs with her car. The force of the impact sent Biggs crashing through her windshield where he became lodged. While this would be enough for most people to stop and seek assistance, this is not what Mallard chose to do. Instead Mallard continued to drive, with Biggs hanging out of her windshield, and went home. She parked her car in her garage and left Biggs trapped and injured, without calling for police or an ambulance.

Biggs died as a result of his injuries an unknown number of hours later, still trapped within the windshield of Mallard’s car, locked in her garage. When Biggs passed away Mallard called a male friend for help, and together with another male acquaintance removed Bigg’s body from her shattered windshield and dumped him in a park. Biggs would then go on to set fire to a part of her car in order to hide the evidence of the impact.

The most tragic aspect of the case is, that had Mallard sought medical attention for Biggs when the accident took place, all experts during the trial agreed that he would have survived his injuries.